Minecraft for iOS is here

Screen Shot 2011-11-16 At 9.34.26 Am

Depending on which side of the International Date Line your computer thinks you are, Minecraft for iPhone and iPad is available now. I'm looking forward to reading the reviews, but I'll probably buy it the instant it becomes available in the US.

John Brownlee has more: Minecraft Is Coming To The iPhone And iPad Later Today!


  1. Mojang better make it snappy since SOPA passes. EA or somebody else’s gonna hit the big shiny shutdown button as payback for a no-name studio making Millions and making all the Big Names look bad.

  2. $10?
    Man, I really have somehow completely missed the boat on the minecraft thing. Perhaps I am just unrefined with regards to online gaming, because the game itself just seems like a waste. It’s on par with farmville for me…

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