OccupyEducated: an online library for occupiers


6 Responses to “OccupyEducated: an online library for occupiers”

  1. Robert Marks says:

    Yeah it sucks when someone doesn’t respect your private property…..ohhhh wait.

  2. Actually, those books were for the public. As is the park. 

  3. Hans Roes says:

    actually it’s not an online library, it’s a recommended readings list that links to booksellers 

  4. daniellerch says:

    You can read most of The End of Growth (Richard Heinberg) online, for free, here: 

  5. Emily Ravich says:

    Brought the car to pick up the books today. 1st one I saw was a Holy Bible soaked through, and still wet, splattered with pink tempera paint, also still wet. That was just one example. Many books were mangled and covered in filth. This is not how the left these books! Most of the bins are cracked too. I wasn’t inside, but I was told by another librarian that it is just a room of piles to be sifted through.

  6. btux says:

    It’s not an online library.

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