Iraq war veteran Kayvan Sabehgi beaten by police at Occupy Oakland, left with lacerated spleen


7 Responses to “Iraq war veteran Kayvan Sabehgi beaten by police at Occupy Oakland, left with lacerated spleen”

  1. If he was a professional murderer, I’d be a lot more wary of what you openly post about him. I understand professional murderers have no qualms about ending professional douche-bags.

  2. Wow… that cop cleeeeeeeearly lost his temper. Too scared to arrest somebody who is running away without beating the shit out of them? Would be an interesting case. Hope the vet has the means to sue.

    I really wish it wasn’t legal for police officers to dish out justice Judge Dread style on the street. It is not for them to decide who is guilty or innocent. Their job is to cite or arrest people that they believe are breaking the law. Force should only be used with violent people, and an appropriate level of force should be used based on the situation.

    If you think a guy in a tshirt and shorts who didn’t do anything other than trash talk, refuse to move, and dodge some shoves deserves that much nightsticking from a cop in full riot gear when there are 100 other cops available to help with a simple arrest… well, then you must be an Oakland cop!

  3. Artimus Mangilord says:

    Was about to comment on the initial ‘professional murderer’ comment and was glad to see that it was removed.

  4. mzed says:

    Disgusting.  Unfortunately, if he sues it will just drive the City of Oakland further into debt and closer to bankruptcy.  I would like to see this individual officer called to task and the entire department under federal supervision.

    This article sheds some interesting insight on increasing militarism in US police departments:

  5. dilinger says:

    The OPD and NYPD both need to be defunded.  If I lived in either place, I’d be petitioning city council members (or whomever handles it) to severely cut funding for them.  Let them pawn their LRADs and other toys.

  6. querent says:

    Shit like this makes it real hard to be a pacifist.

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