Tumblr users give Congress an earful about SOPA

Tumblr has rounded up the effects of its participation in American Censorship Day, a global day of protest of the prosed Stop Online Piracy Act, the worst proposed Internet law in American legislative history. Tumblr users did themselves very proud indeed:

Yesterday we did a historic thing. We generated 87,834 phone calls to U.S. Representatives in a concerted effort to protect the Internet. Extraordinary. There’s no doubt that we’ve been heard.

Yesterday we did a historic thing. We generated... | Tumblr Staff (via Beth Pratt)


  1. And it’s going to give people more incentive to actually act to change this de facto aristocracy when we see that this does absolutely nothing to prevent it passing.

  2. I sent a miltipage email to my congressman and had every point I brought up addressed.
    Sure it was just an intern, but someone spent at least 1/2 an hour responding to my email personally.

  3. I don’t think this will help.  Unless those ~88k folks band together and raise money to offset the money that the reps will not receive if they do not push through the content owners agenda, then this is all for naught.  The reps are smart enough to know that losing the content creators support is worse than potentially losing the support of a small handful of voters. They know where their bread is buttered.

  4. Congress doesn’t work for the people though, it’s works for the corporations. America is a Corporatocracy, not a Democracy. This will do nothing to stop the end of Free Speech.

  5. Don’t forget this doesn’t just affect Americans. It applies to everyone worldwide who’s registered one of the big three TLDs. The EU has already drafted a resolution against seizure of EU citizen’s domains. In Canada, write your MP and Tony “Mmm, delicious MPAA boots” Clement and encourage them to do the same!

  6. Instead of flooding wallstreet why don’t we flood congress with lobbyists. I mean we can even pay them. 

  7. This bill will effectively offshore a range of American businesses and create demand for a payment processor outside of USan jurisdiction. As a european I see a lot of opportunity here. We should have our own campaign calling your congressmen recommending they vote yes to kill off American businesses. It’s time for USA to yield the floor.

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