"A Pepper Spray Thanksgiving," Norman Rockwell's long-lost Saturday Evening Post cover


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  1. cstatman says:

    the SAME Bob Staake who wrote “the red lemon” “the donut chef” and “look a book”  some of my son’s favorite books.  thank you.  brilliant art continues on!   :)

  2. Bottle Imp says:

    On the plus side, the indefinite leave will give the bad lieutenant time to work on the release of his first album, under the moniker Public Officer. The album, entitled “It Takes a Nation of People With Tents to Keep Us Back,” is said to have standout tracks “Bring the Pepper Spray” and “Pepper Spray for Your Right to Fight” as well as “Caught, Can We Get a Witness?”

  3. Nobody will be laughing when the memes attack Tokyo. 

  4. Stefan Jones says:

    My favorite Norman Rockwell painting is totally apropos to today as it was in 1968: The Right To Know

    No modification necessary. You can imagine whoever you like in that hot seat. Bankers, politicians, university officials . . .

    • johne2 says:

      Coolest thing about that is it’s one of the ones he included himself in.  Older man on right with pipe = Rockwell himself.

  5. Roger Strong says:

    Remember those times when Westboro Baptist Church protesters got pepper sprayed and beaten up by riot police?
    Me neither.

  6. echolocate chocolate says:

    That’s because the whole damn family are trained lawyers and quite rich from it. They’re professional trolls and, unlike students and unemployed protestors, have the money to fight in court.

  7. Brainspore says:

    “Ow! Goddamit— I asked for the SALT.”

  8. BookGuy says:

    I don’t mind the pepper spray–I just wish he wouldn’t stand on the damn serving dishes while he’s doing it.

  9. roboton says:

    Is that Jek Porkins?

  10. Putting the pepper spraying police officer inside a Norman Rockwell painting is a very important political point. It shows the OWS folks as the “real Americans,” and the pepper-spraying cops as alien. Me likey.

    Now if I could get a pepper-spraying police guy in a handy form that would keep the cat off the table, for Christmas. (Dear PETA I don’t have to put pepper spray in it. Water will do.) Press his little stomach and the water comes shooting out at the bad old putty tat. How cute!

  11. fjsr says:

    But what I really want to know is what was Hitler’s reaction to the pepper-spray incident.  

    • Ipo says:

      I would think his reaction would be the same as everybody else’s. 

      The initial reaction should the spray be directed at the face, is the completely involuntary closing of the eyes (sometimes described as leading to a disconcerting sensation of the eyelids “bubbling and boiling” as the chemical acts on the skin), an instant sensation of the restriction of the airways and the general feeling of sudden and intense, searing pain about the face, nose and throat. Coughing almost always follows the initial spray. 

  12. teufelsdrochk says:

    Lulz can change the world.

    Or can they?

    No, srsly…

  13. franka_645 says:

    Your non-violent disembodied floating head doesn’t belong here,  get your chin off the silver and stop being such a communist, granny!

  14. The._.Joker says:

    Some long lost Caravaggio’s, digital paintings and one oil. (Plus you can download the full resolution digital paintings)


  15. Erik Rook says:

    Her name reminds me of kitteh (katehi).  I’ve actually started to read it as Kitteh and some how it helps.

  16. senorglory says:

    a new holiday tradition: pepper spray turkey is better than a honey-baked ham.  

  17. Roger Strong says:

    Is pepper spray a vegetable?

  18. jimh says:

    Nice to have a little pork on the table.

  19. ShutYourFace99 says:

    I really hope this is the height of violence against protestors, but I fear it is the beginning if our government does not step up to protect the 1st amendment rights to assemble peacefully. Im not sure why this video is getting vastly more attention than other examples of police brutality, but Im glad the world is waking up. Egyptian govt is now following US example – how terribly tragic.

  20. Cowicide says:

    Make your own,  I made it into a png so it keeps its mask.  The shadow under his foot is reduced opacity as well as the spray.  I’m too lazy to make the shield transparent.

  21. Cowicide says:

    And here’s the pikey bastard used in a photo composition.  I adjusted some shadows and lighting slightly on him, but it’s from the same source above.

  22. loroferoz says:

    It’s wonderful after a fashion.  If extremely cruel. And a bit amusing. 

    It’s as if every bully and sadist in this world can now be told to “Smile! You are on the Internet now… You are a douche AND a meme for sadism, and your public life is crippled if not dead. Find a nice place to hide, there are millions wanting to slap you and spit on you, figuratively and literally… your victims had no appeal, and neither will you have one.”Harsh? Undoubtedly. A deterrent for others contemplating inflicting suffering gratuitously? A man can hope too.

  23. joeposts says:

    The photo may be faked, but now we know why he went down. Capa shooped Pike out of the original. 

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