Occupy "Bat Signal for the 99%" light projections: the "making of" video, shot by Mark Read and crew

Above: #Occupy Bat Signal for the 99%, a beautiful short film by Mark Read and friends, shot inside Denise Vega's home in the projects opposite the Verizon building at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Video from the #occupy bat signal crew. Inside look at this series of inspirational video projections on the side of the Verizon building on November 17th.


  1. Years ago, I wrote in a blog post that art would lead the great renewal, what some call the revolution; for there is nothing the collective fears as much as Art (thus, it always tries to buy and own art, the better to define for us what it is and is not). And here it comes, Art unchained, unrestrained, liberated; sponsored not by BofA or Chase or Goldman, but by a working Mom in her apartment. The Awakening has arrived.

  2. Of course I don’t take myself seriously here………but……IF and that is such a huge IF that it couldn’t possibly be true…IF there are a bunch of UFO’s buzzing about the planet right now then a possible perspective of looking down at a building with 99% on it would look a little bit  like


  3. Okay, that just nailed me.  Watching these people’s determination reclaim their world, seeing them believe they can make it right through sheer force of will — and seeing signs that it might just work — is inexpressibly moving.

  4. And the perfect soundtrack too! That’s East Hastings by Godspeed You! Black Emperor, from F#A#. I love that track!

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