Callista Gingrich, wife of Newt: furry-lover

Source. Yiff in hell, Gingrich.


    1. unfortunately there are half a dozen pictures of both newt and the elephant that contradict that assertion

  1. Elephant hair isn’t dense enough to be called fur.  Wouldn’t she be a “hidey” instead?

    FWIW, that elephant is pretty lame compared to the furry suits I’ve seen on Boing Boing posts past. The Gingriches should hire that guy who did the cybernetic lion head BB once featured. A prosthetic trunk might prove, ahem, useful.

  2. God, my kids would be terrified if I tried to get them to pose with that thing. And the elephant is kind of creepy too.

  3. Eh. I find it somewhat silly to pull out ‘furry-lover’ as the go-to joke here. So, they got somebody to dress up in an elephant suit to advertise their insanely biased patriotic kids’ book. But why equate that to an already much-maligned fetish community? They get enough flak as it is.

    1. Aw, sorry. I mean no insult to furries. This post was published in the spirit of play, not hate for furries.

      But you know Callista hates our collective weirdness, and would outlaw the love that dare not plush its name, if she could.

      1. I did get the spirit and I did laugh at this post but I am getting extremely sick of the phrase “Yiff in hell, furfag.”

  4. This is what $500,000+ buys you at Tiffany’s.   The bulk of it went for the Clockwork Spouse, the Party Machinery Mechanical is just an afterthought.

    1. Ooo, hit job! She appeared with somebody in an animal suit.

      I think this is actually a hit job on the person in the elephant suit. I mean, being photographed with Callista Gingrich? They’ll never be able to show their oversized face at any mascot/furry/pachyderm enthusiast conventions again.

  5. What kind of a name is Calista? It sounds like an anti-depressant or med for post nasal sinus drip.
    I think she and newt use the same hairdresser.

  6. Can we dispense with the smiles for a while? Tonight during the latest GOP “debate” the participants uniformly made statements with dire consequences here and abroad then smiled (in their smarmy fashion) looking for approval from the audience that seemed to consist of the 1% and war criminals like Wolfowitz and other Right Wing think tank movers and shakers.

  7. More weak character assassinations from boingboing. I think I’ll just stick to thinking that Newt is shitty because of his shitty philosophy and shitty policies. I just don’t want to hear any bitching and moaning from anybody when the Right starts in on this kind of garbage about Obama because it would appear that everyone finds it entertaining when it is pertaining to people that they disagree with.

    1. More weak character assassinations from boingboing.

      Character assassination? Why, her furry fetish is the first indicator that she might be a closet happy mutant!

      Also, can one assassinate that which is already dead and so rotted that it’s sending clouds of putrefaction over the whole nation’s political landscape?

      1. “Character assassination? Why, her furry fetish is the first indicator that she might be a closet happy mutant!”
        Yeah, but then the curt ‘yiff in hell’ seems to imply that furries  aren’t happy mutants at all. Much as I think the claims of insensitivity in Cory’s post about the transsexual a few days ago were exaggerated, here, I think there’s a problem.

        *disclaimer: I have no idea who this woman is so I may be missing something.

        1. *disclaimer: I have no idea who this woman is so I may be missing something.

          She’s Mrs. Newt Gingrich, so ‘yiff in hell’ is just a present tense description of her sex life.


      2. Ha ha, ok then. I was just making the comment because I have seen a consensus of BoingBoing readers react differently when the person that’s getting a beat down is someone that they agree with. When battling hypocrisy it seems best not to engage in being hypocritical.  I have always felt that the way that BoingBoing posts usually deal with the right-wing asshats is to drop all the knowledge that proves them wrong. When there is so much to really criticize about shitty, hypocritical Neo-Con policy, why post pictures of Republican wives taking photo ops with the party mascot? It just makes the case weaker when there is actually something worth bringing to the table. This post would be something that I would expect to see in a comment on a post about newt but as for an actual post on the main page? Here it just seems like a sign a slow news day.

        1. Seconded. The BoingBoing Way should be: “Don’t ad hominem – out brainy ’em” (and out class ’em.)

        2. I was just making the comment because I have seen a consensus of BoingBoing readers react differently when the person that’s getting a beat down is someone that they agree with.

          Mrs. Gingrich produces right-wing propaganda documentaries and writes children’s books extolling American exceptionalism. She’s not just his wife; she’s his partner in filth. She tattooed the target on her own ass. Why do you feel that we have to treat evil people and good (or possibly less evil) people alike?

          1. I have dealt with this issue time and time again moderating an IRC support channel for people on the autistic spectrum.  IMHO it does not matter if you agree with someone or not, or what you think of them as a person, they are still a person, and personal attacks are out of line, doubly so for people in positions of authority, because they are rarely constructive and usually only result in anger, even if you may feel they deserve it.

            There are users I hate so much I even would refuse to moderate them, and would ask other operators to deal with them, because I felt I could not be properly unbiased dealing with them or with certain issues.  That is, imho, a sign that I was at least being responsible enough to continue to do my work there.

          2. ” She’s not just his wife; she’s his partner in filth. She tattooed the target on her own ass.”

            ” We’re not going to stop having a sense of humor”

            Okay, which one of you is the impostor, and what have you done with the real Antinous??

          3. So if you can’t make jokes about a person what does that leave?  Tree humor?  Jokes about gravel?

          4. Ok Ant, I’m in danger of chaining the butterfly somewhat here, but  – and maybe it’s because you’re moderating from the Naughty Step right now, which you can come off of in three more minutes –   you’re missing the point of what MB44’s saying: he implies he thinks she’s an asshat too. He may well thus think she should be attacked for said asshattedness, chapter and verse. The only difference is the weapons used in the attack – and he’s for using brains and facts and counterarguments, not sinking to the level of ad hominem assaults and nyah-nyah name calling.

  8. I find it rather unkind and unnecessary to be bashing Callista. She has terrible taste in men, and in photographs her appearance certainly is of being sort of clockwork Stepford wife, as mentioned above. She’s probably on the side of Evil; didn’t she used to be a lobbyist, or something? But it’s mostly evil by association, and I suspect just being her, and living with him, is punishment enough. I’ll bother to hate her when she does something notable, and hate-worthy, instead of just marrying someone notable and hate-worthy.

    1. So being Newt’s mistress and participating in adultery isn’t something to find distasteful in someone who talks about marriage being so special and sacred other people can’t have it?

      She is his second mistress, 3rd wife.  I think she makes sure hes never alone with other women, as he cheated on his first wife, then left her for the mistress, then repeated the pattern.

      1. One thing that’s stood in Newt Gingrich’s way for 20 years was his sturm und drang love life. He in particular had to be relatively quiet during the Monica Lewinsky scandal. This post came across as a bit of a yawn and below Boing Boing’s typical wit. But I do think Callista Gingrich is probably a nasty person in her own right, whereas Laura Bush seemed oddly…..sane considering who her husband is.

      2. She is his second mistress, 3rd wife

        Err, that would be “at least his second mistress”. Not to mention a likely cast of several past short-term sex partners. Though with the Grinch’s attitude to people, I suspect ‘partner’ isn’t really a good word.

        1. Wikipedia didn’t cite any others, so I went with the confirmed rather than hazard a guesstimate.

          I do find it telling that people who scream about returning us to our “Moral Center” are often the ones you can find in the swingers clubs doing things that would have make Tom of Finland blush… protip you have to turn safe search OFF to see the better works.

  9. When the first lady, Michelle Obama, was recently booed at a NASCAR event, that made me sad for our country. I feel the same way about this post about a likely future first lady.

    1. Actually I love that we can boo our president and public servants. Maybe if they got booed more often they wouldn’t strive to exist as an elite class who get to shut down freeways and airports so the little people won’t inconvenience them. 

      Gingrich (and his wife) is a phony, career criminal/politician. And he’s a raging disappointment of a candidate – as are all the other possible contenders. But this just seems like snarky name-calling. 

      It’s not like we don’t have a current president & first lady who are busy running things into the ground – invading countries, stomping on campaign promises; trampling civil rights, etc. Seems kinda tone deaf to attack clowns on the sidelines when there’s a more deserving target of criticism who’s actually in the drivers seat. 

      1. If you think Obama, hobbled by the Republican congress,  is one tenth is bad as a Gingrich regime would be, you are deluded.  This thinking is exactly how Bush became president, because Gore was so indistinguishable from Bush.  I’d say you deserve to have him become president, but that’s too mean as I really wouldn’t wish that on anyone.   

  10. If BB didn’t have a sense of humor, I wouldn’t be able to tolerate all of the bullshit of this world that they enlighten me about. That’s why I’ve been following BB since I first read it in Mosaic–or was it Lynx?

  11. The imporatance of this person, in my mind, is she is the one who was bestowing extra-marital blowjobs on Newt Gingrich during the Clinton impeachment hearings.  The hearings were concerning how bad it was that Clinton had received extra-marital blowjobs.  Had Newt and his ilk not made it an issue, it wouldn’t be an issue with me.  But Newt largely shut down the government and made this the most important issue of his tenure.  This is how he and she  should (ahem) go down in history.   

    1. The imporatance of this person, in my mind, is she is the one who was bestowing extra-marital blowjobs on Newt Gingrich during the Clinton impeachment hearings.

      In all fairness it’s hard to speak up for moral rectitude when you have your mouth full.

    1. Secret alien technology? Nope, it’s that same non-flexible prim hair every avatar gets at the “freebies for newbs” sims in Second Life. Maybe it takes alien technology to get it to rez on this side of the monitor.

  12. Don’t google her.  She has a lot of those pictures with the insane eye wide open pose some woman in party pictures seem to think is appealing.

  13. Personally, I think that the images in these photos must rank as some of the finest LEGO constructions that I have ever seen

    1. I would never do such a thing. I’m condemning her choice of recipients, her timing for providing said service to said recipient, and the hypocrisy of doing so while publicly condemning the sex lives of others.

      1. Well, I’m for a woman’s right to choose. But I respect your belief system and will nag others to death for your right to believe it.

  14. Actually, she deserves all the derision she gets simply for not divorcing Newt the second he said that child labor laws are stupid and that (poor) kids should get to work:

    I mean, wtf. He’s leading in the polls?

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