Tor project asks supporters to set up virtual Tor bridges in Amazon's cloud


7 Responses to “Tor project asks supporters to set up virtual Tor bridges in Amazon's cloud”

  1. MinistryOfInfo says:

    Anyone notice how the BBC reported this?  The two ‘related stories’ appearing alongside their piece are about piracy and child porn.

    • Scurra says:

      Yeah, and I liked the quote in that BBC piece “Studies suggest that most of the bandwidth is taken by pirated content.”  I’d quite like to know how they established that…

  2. sd37 says:

    The same amazon ec2 that dropped wikileaks like a hot potato? 

  3. Fenrir says:

    Amazon also offers a free usage tier that allows 750 hours of a linux micro instance that might be usable for a Tor server.

  4. ZikZak says:

    It seems like it actually weakens the Tor network to have huge numbers of nodes centralized in the hands of one provider.  Amazon ultimately has access to all the traffic and even potentially the machine states of all those virtual servers.  So it’s less like everyone setting up their own Tor node, and more like everyone paying the government (or corporation, if you like) to set one up on their behalf.

    Of course, I’m sure the folks at the Tor project have considered this already.  I wonder what their reasoning is?

  5. Anyone who does this has my respect, since — have I got this right? — any content that exits the bridge into the internet proper, will look as if it has originated with you, and not with the hidden originator?

    I seem to remember the story of one guy that lost his job because the police thought he was distributing child abuse images?

  6. ADavies says:

    Well, it may be associated with an Amazon account that has your name on it, but I don’t think it would be fair for people to say it is associated with you.  It’s clearly not “your” traffic.  At best, it’s traffic via a service which you support.

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