Daria cosplay

 Fs71 F 2011 324 B 8 Daria And Jane By Sodespair-D4Grk38

Over at deviantART, SoDespair shares a small gallery of excellent Daria cosplay! Above, Daria Morgendorffer and Jane Lane. SoDespair's deviantART Gallery (via Neatorama)


    1. First thing I thought “Man, now I have the opening titles stuck in my head.” I am apparently the 99% on this one.

    1. Actually I’m pretty sure Daria in the show was an avid fan already, requesting high speed internet being installed in her box retreat.

  1. some where in a box in my spare room I have a vhs tape with several episodes, along with a bunch of the original Liquid Television & Oddities.  ah the memories…

      1. Shush child, they are debating costumes pulled from a cartoon from the mid-90ies, this is serious business and requires that everything be put under a microscope and measured with the instruments of stone-cold SCIENCE!

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