Daria cosplay


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  1. chellberty says:

    huhuhuhuhh.. diarrhea 

  2. unit_1421 says:

    You know she let B&B hit that… A lot. It’s a James Carvel/Mary Matlin thing.

  3. Melinda9 says:

    Next on Sick Sad World…

  4. Stefan Jones says:

    I think Daria would totally dig the web. She’d despise everything on it, but use it to great advantage. Heck, she might be a BB contributor!

    • feltmountain says:

      Actually I’m pretty sure Daria in the show was an avid fan already, requesting high speed internet being installed in her box retreat.

  5. tyger11 says:

    Daria would hate this, but Jane would cosplay someone cosplaying her.

  6. Trent Baker says:

    I used to watch Daria, the sad thing is that more than likely no one walking by got the reference.

  7. MrEricSir says:

    Ghost World cosplay? Oh wait…

  8. Anon_Mahna says:

    some where in a box in my spare room I have a vhs tape with several episodes, along with a bunch of the original Liquid Television & Oddities.  ah the memories…

  9. Vincent Maldia says:

    the bottom of jane’s hair looks too rounded. daria is spot on!

  10. My friend had a great Daria halloween costume from a few years ago. It didn’t quite fit them theme of our video game halloween party, but it was still great: http://www.flickr.com/photos/everyplace/4067954008/

  11. Now they just need to make episodes. I would soooo watch this. 

  12. Thanks. Now I can’t get that ironic monotone out of my head.

  13. scruss says:

    Nice effort, but glasses fail.

  14. I wish they had also cosplayed the fashion club.


  15. Edd thompson says:

    I’ll be in my bunk ;)

  16. cdr says:

    That’s excellent cosplay. 

    I was really pleased when Daria finally came out on DVD a while back.

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