Boars, Gore and Swords: 3rd best Game of Thrones podcast

When all my friends were talking about George "Rail Road" Martin's 'Game of Thrones' -- I was lost. The show confused me, the books were just not an option; yet a small circle of my friends were completely obsessed.

Then I found the Boars, Gore and Swords podcast. Released quasi-weekly, Ivan and Red were just two guys just like me; confused and bewildered. After covering all ten (ten?) episodes of the show and now starting a book club, I can safely say -- they're just as confused and have largely refused any efforts to educate them on the make-believe world of Westeros. I just love it, they keep me laughing.

Listen as the two guys, and occasional guests, attempt to decode the insane (and insanely popular) fantasy epic that is 'A story of Fire and Ice' -- at least I think thats what its called. They delve into Martin's psyche, eating habits and never ever care about being factually correct.

The guys proudly tout themselves as the 3rd best podcast in their genre, but they are clearly my favorite.


      1. It’s okay, Jason. We all have questionable taste once in a while. There’s all sorts of things to love about Apple. It’s just a shame that the creepy stuff about them is damn creepy. :P

    1. I many First-World countries, there’s between 40-50% of the population who can’t read and sum up a short newspaper article. We need to stop assuming that people can read.

      Obviously, Jason CAN read, but it’s not everyone who feels passionate enough about reading to go through the 800 pages that make up the A Game of Thrones paperback. :P

      1. @AlanStrangis:disqus Totally agree, though I think if they do make it to seasons 4/5 they might combine the two books as there is plenty to cut. I’ve also heard the creators of the show saying they’d be happy to have the show run to the end of book 3. 
        Not to mention, by the time they get around to filming season 4 or 5 in a few years, GRRM will probably not have even started on book 6, so… 

        1. I agree on 4/5 being restructured for the show. Since many of the events in those books run concurrently, it would be relatively easy to put them in a more coherent chronological order (assuming they make it that far).

          Gotta say that the team at HBO has done a great job of knowing what to tweak to capture the spirit of Game Of Thrones.

    1. > The TV series is to the books, as porn is to sex.

      You mean easier on my schedule and less bothersome and repetitive?

      1. The TV series is to the books as softcore porn is to a series of fantasy novels.

        So an improvement then.

  1. “they’re just as confused and have largely refused any efforts to educate them on the make-believe world of Westeros”

    Remaining ignorant when people attempt to educate you is… well, you’re just being a dick.

    For example, the real title of “A Song of Ice and Fire”, instead of ” ‘A story of Fire and Ice’ — at least I think thats what its called” could be found with a simple search.

    Maybe your post is supposed to be flame-bait for GoT fans like myself (then you succeeded), but it sounded like someone who is proud to know nothing about a topic that other people love, and you want to mock them for their geekery of it.

  2. I absolutely adore A Song of Ice and Fire. I swear, I make sweet love with that 4,000+ pages (and counting) saga. But I can understand that it’s not everyone who gets it (it’s not the most straight-forward thing around). It’s also not everyone who gets excited at reading paperbacks with 4-digit page counts. 

  3. @atlantys Hey, this is Red of BGaS.

    We’re not proud of our ignorance, but it is where a lot of the comedy in the podcast comes from.  What separates us from other podcasts (aside from not doing skype call-ins or anything else with crap sound) is that we don’t know what’s going to happen while the listener (more than often than not) does.

    There are other podcasts such as “A Podcast of Ice and Fire” where the principals *have* read all the books and offer more omniscient view of Railroad’s fantasy universe, and if you’re not entertained by misstatements or guesses being made about known facts, I’d check that out instead.

    We came to Game of Thrones because we both really enjoy the TV show, neither of us had read the books when we started the podcast, we certainly have no intention of talking down to ASOIAF fans, but as the podcast has developed, our ignorance is something that a section of those fans enjoy, and it’s by their request that we’re refraining from reading the books until we’ve seen that material covered in the show.

    1. @twitter-16457926:disqus I’ve never listened to a Game of Thrones podcast, but gave your first episode a listen this afternoon. I’ve read the books more than once, and when watching the show knew what was coming and often was able to guess what the end scenes would be. Regardless, it was enjoyable to go through the first episode with you guys and your ‘ignorance’ and forgetfulness, which are definitely part of the humour. I’ll listen to more.

  4. I’m just going to repeat what your friends have already told you 1000 times and say:
    You just don’t know what you are missing.

    SoIaF is pure, smart, adult entertainment.

  5. When all my friends were talking about “podcasts”  — I was lost. The concept confused me, buying that apple gadget was just not an option; yet a small circle of my friends were completely obsessed.
    Then I found your article on BoingBoing. Releasing your comments quasi-weekly,  you seeme to be a guy just like me; confused and bewildered. I just love your essays, they keep me laughing.
    Now, i tried to follow your listening advice and and attempted  to decode the insane (and insanely popular) piece of sh…oftware ,  ‘yTunes’ — at least I think thats what its called. 
    But then again – naah. Can’t be bothered, really. I think I’ll just retire to my comfy chair and re-read one of my GRRM books instead :)

  6. Now it’s my turn to be confused.  There is nothing confusing about this fantasy epic.  It is fantastic.  I haven’t seen the series, as I don’t watch TV.  The books are some of the best adult fantasy out there, however. Along with Steven Erikson and R. Scott Bakker, both Canadians.

  7. I have never heard anyone refer to GRRM as ‘Railroad’ before.  I’m assuming that’s a pejorative about his writing?  If that’s a sample of the humor contained within the podcast, I guess I don’t need to investigate further.  If mocking the series and the books is your thing, go to town…I just won’t be joining you.

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