Chocolate Space Invader

Mark Kizelshteyn says:

I've been a hobby maker for a few years, and I recently worked at a FabLab where I learned the "tools," my favorite being the CNC machine. I began experimenting with a chocolate maker friend and we started making all kinds of funky chocolate molds. After lots of experimentation, we decided to share one of our bars: a space invader chocolate bar!

See how the are made here.


  1. In high school there was a technology class (an elective) revolving around a CNC machine. It was actually quite awesome because the teacher wasn’t that experienced with it – it was brand new to the school – which sounds like it shouldn’t be awesome, but he let us nerds do basically whatever we wanted with it and figure out how to use it.

    One of the early assignments we had was to make chocolate molds. My partner and I first decided on making death stars (two solid halves that you could stick together with frosting or something). That didn’t work, so we tried lightsabers (again with two halves for the handle, but this time with a sucker/lollipop handle placed to look like the lightsaber blade). That didn’t work either, so we made Tetris pieces. That worked. Still have the mold somewhere.

  2. Awesome!
    It’s a huge shame they don’t ship outside USA. I’d love to have a few sent over to Ireland.

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