Jim Woodring: How To Draw Frank

If you have ever wondered, as I have, how to draw the "extravagent raft of cheek meat" that makes up the lower half of Frank's head, you will watch Jim Woodring's instructional drawing video with the rapt attention it deserves.

Jim Woodring: How To Draw FRANK (Thanks, Jim!)


  1. It’s quite amazing how much thought and attention goes into his character illustration. I mean, I know he’s done it so many times it’s automatic and that he’s slowing way down for the sake of the exposition. But still. Jim is amazing.

  2. Last time I read “extravagant rack” and “cheek meat” in the same sentence it was on Craig’s List.

    Also false advertising.

  3. This was wonderful. I had no idea Woodring was such a down-to-earth and humble guy (“you may find a way of doing it that looks better than the way I do it, in which case I’d like to see it”).

    I’d love to hear an equally calm, down-to-earth explanation of how he composes his wild imagery and plots. Though that might be a psychic exploration we shouldn’t embark on lightly. :)

      1. Thanks for linking to me!  Some more videos of Jim in action

        – Weathercraft talk

        - Nibbus Maximus demonstration

  4. That was a remarkable rack of interesting, thankee.   But we really need to know the exact specifications of the pencil he was using.

  5. That was great! I love Jim Woodring’s art and Frank in particular (although I do have a soft spot for Pupshaw and Pushpaw, of course.)

    (Sorry if this comment is double posted. It appears that Disqus ate it the first time…)

  6. I watched Jim Woodring drawing at TCAF a couple of years ago, and it was almost spooky.  It actually gave me goosebumps watching that stuff flow out of his pen. 

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