Further revelations from the YouHaveDownloaded BitTorrent logger: six infringing BitTorrent swarms included computers logged into the network of the official residence of French President Nicholas Sarkozy. Sarkozy, of course, pushed for the HADOPI law that allows whole households to be disconnected from the net if their network is implicated in three copyright complaints. Note that there's no proof that anyone who was downloading these files got enough of them via the Sarkozy network to turn into a recognizable video or audio file; nor does it mean they were a member of the Sarkozy household. But the HADOPI law doesn't make this distinction, and who am I to argue with Sarkozy's favorite Internet law?

5 Responses to “Sarkozy's official residence is a den of piracy”

  1. Dylan Foster says:

    Politician is a hypocrite. News at 11.

  2. I’m going to use my brilliant legal mind and my prescient futurist’s vision to predict that there will be no legal consequences of this information for anyone at that address.

  3. DeargDoom says:

    Looks like Kelian Gomez may never make his rockstar secret agent masterpiece which would have shaken the world of cinema to its core. My life has just become an empty hollow shell


  4. digi_owl says:

    I was wondering how long it would take before something like this would happen.

    Btw, lawyers cherry picked who they sued once they get their John Does disclosed in a mass torrent suit:

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