Obama Girl creator does an anti-SOPA anthem


3 Responses to “Obama Girl creator does an anti-SOPA anthem”

  1. jimbo2112 says:

    “An error occurred.  Please try again later.”

    Is this some kind of meta thing?

    • Jim Saul says:

      Heh… good point. But it’s playing fine for me, for now. Clever and clearly heartfelt.

      I’d like to see Franken slip a rider into the bill outlawing direct fundraising and advertising for congressional campaigns on the web. See how fast it gets shot down then.

  2. Adam S. says:

    Looks like coders have already have a SOPA workaround. I was pretty sure they would, but always makes one feel better to get those solutions in hand.

    Just would need to add a browser plug-in

    Here’s a good old fashioned un-shortened /. link…


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