Guy Laramee's books

The Great Wall and Biblios are projects by Guy Laramee, in which books are delicately carved and illustrated to create transfixing sculptures and scenes.

"When I was younger, I was very upset with the ideologies of progress," writes Laramee. "I wanted to destroy them by showing that we are still primitives. I had the profound intuition that as a species, we had not evolved that much. Now I see that our belief in progress stems from our fascination with the content of consciousness. Despite appearances, our current obsession for changing the forms in which we access culture is but a manifestation of this fascination."

Guy Laramee [Artist's Homepage]


  1. Very beautiful indeed. But I hope I do not cheapen the post too much by saying that artists’ statements are often incredibly ridiculous.

  2. so,  Myst in sculpture form, then? This reminds me simultaneously of the ever-recurring book theme in said series, and the hologram land viewer by the docks.

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