Infrared portraits of scientists and staff in Antarctica

Henry Kaiser—filmmaker, musician, Antarctic research diver and BoingBoing guest blogger—took a series of infrared portraits of scientists and staff at the McMurdo Research Station. I really like the way these infrared photos feel like they capture the cold environment better than a normal photo would. Another bonus: I keep having to remind myself that, no, everybody in Antarctica has not dyed their hair blue.


  1. I WANT TO GO TO ANTARCTICA SO BAD. Too bad my damned fibromyalgia and a host of other physical ailments prettymuch precludes me of ever being any use there….Damnit. Maybe when I go posthuman and can port myself to another body–a mechanical one that can handle the temps–I’ll get there.

  2. I like the one where she’s wearing a helmet of snow.  How did she get that thing to stay up there, anyway?  Must be special Antarctica snow-physics.

  3. Is there a link for this? I think I sort of know someone there, and I wanna try to find their portrait.

  4. Way to use Print Screen there.

    I hate it when people leave UI elements in their graphics. Especially the MS Word squiggles. For Gods sake, learn how to properly use Photoshop or something!

  5. If you ever get the chance to work in Antarctica, do it. It’s a magical place. (Only some people had dyed their hair blue.)

  6. awesome! i just did a story about infrared photography for American Cinematographer. the DP explained how infrared light exposes vascular patterns beneath the skin, which required makeup artists to apply sunblock underneath their makeup.

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