US House of Representatives: Internet pirates


17 Responses to “US House of Representatives: Internet pirates”

  1. Daniel Smith says:

    Do as we say, not as we dooooooooooo

  2. irksome says:

    Why should Representatives be afraid to use a simple series of tubes?

  3. manicbassman says:

    you do realise they’ll just claim it was for research purposes…

  4. And this is precisely why we need to use SOPA (if it passes) to file blacklist complaints against the government itself.  Of course, voting out every single incumbent couldn’t hurt either…

  5. IronEdithKidd says:

    Our actual representatives wouldn’t sully themselves by touching a computer connected to the internet.  That’s what interns are for.

  6. Bink Binkerson says:

    The information ministry in Orwell’s 1984 could access & read all banned items.   Ditto today in China & elsewhere.   SOPA will not affect the corporate-fascist regime.

  7. kmckee7 says:

    Maybe we got lucky and one of them actually *read* the “How Things Work Encyclopedia.”

  8. Eric Riley says:

    The fact that “Crucial Conversations” is on this list just absolutely slays me.  It’s published by McGraw-Hill, who are one of the nearly 20 publishers on the SOPA support list. 

  9. Amir Taaki says:

    This list was bullshit. Everyone verified that there were multiple inaccuracies on there.

  10. Kisai says:

    If you listen to them talking about copyright infringement, Congress itself is immune to copyright infringement, or so they say. One of the Anti-SOPA reps submitted the Lyrics to “The Internet is for Porn.”

  11. Wastrel Way says:

    I have to reconsider my download activities if it means that I’m no better than a politician.

  12. Pete Teoh says:

    Can we serve a take-down notice for now?

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