Three decades of the C64

The Commodore 64 is 30 years old. [Reg Hardware]


  1. I used to type LOAD RAM to prompt my cassette deck to get ready to play.
    I wondered, then, why Rambo First Blood Part II, had been so wildly popular as to have invaded the command for all of the other games…

  2. Some where on large floppy disks I have an AP/AR system that I wrote on a C64 as a project for a BASIC class in ’81.  

  3. I truly wish that I kept the 300 baud modem that I built in grade 10 computer club for my C64.  It was an ungodly mess of wiring and soldering on a small circuit board, but damn… that thing lasted me 3 years and helped turn me into the geek that I am today.  

  4. I still have mine in the garage.  It’s missing a SID chip, it started fritzing out and I silenced it by removing the chip.  Didn’t affect functionality that I can recall.  Also have the floppy drive and printer.  Maybe a cassette drive.  All in original boxes.

  5. commodore c=64 !! same cpu as bender !! outperformed apple 2 ( subjectively ) and cost much less ( objectively ) !! i had forth on a ram cart !! hehehe the zero stop on the floppy moved and grooved , but was adjustable with a properly formatted disk ~ i typed in an assembly language ray tracer even even ~ harhahrhahrrhar ~

  6. My dad had one of these. It boggles my mind that this thing was $595 new. We didn’t have a lot of money. But I think my parents had their priorities straight. Never mind two cars or a house in the suburbs: we had a personal computer in 1985! I wonder how much it did for my brothers and I, knowing all about floppy disks and typing commands from the when we were small.

    (Granted, ours had a tendency to overheat.)

  7. In ’78 I bought my first BASIC computer after messing around with machine language programmable 6502 development boards.  It was an OSI Superboard II and came as an assembled circuitboard kit.  But it had video output, BASIC onboard and a real keyboard!

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