How To: Build a geologic time spiral cake

For Christmas, some Oxford geologists built an amazing cake based on the geologic time spiral—a way of visually representing the order and flora/fauna of the different stages of deep history.

It's a pretty damn epic cake. It's creation involved 32 eggs, 3 kg of marzipan, 7 people, and 30 hours of labor.

Video Link

Via Evidence Matters


  1. well that didn’t take long to die.

    and what’s up with the antiquated pop-up based login crap? getting sick of that one.

  2. Right at the end, we get a, “Ooooh, go on, then”. Was that a “Father Ted” reference? Oh man, I hope it was –That would simply make my day. (All this beyond the fact that the whole project is just gosh-darn-great!)

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