Meet Iraq's youngest photographer. He is 8 years old.

Qamar Hashim, who is 8, takes pictures at al-Mutanabi street in Baghdad. Hashim tours famous streets to picture Baghdadis with his single camera. He is the youngest Iraqi photographer to win several local awards, according to the Iraqi Society Photographic (ISP). Photos above and below taken December 16, 2011.

Photos via Reuters. Looks like he's shooting a Sony digital SLR, not sure which? There's a fun Q&A with the photographer, and a video, here. Snip:

Are there any photos you wish to take but haven’t been able to yet?

The dangerous pictures like fire, blasts, other incidents but I have been sent off the site. They say I am a child. Also I wish to get a picture of the triangle of migrant birds.

What does the future of Iraq look like?

I see a flourishing future for Iraq especially when my family owns a house. I love Iraq, my home, and it is more precious than anything else.

Following, an assortment of photographs taken by young Mr. Hashim with his camera: A man selling books at al-Mutanabi street in Baghdad, a hawk in a nearby amusement park, a girl standing near a policeman providing security in the city of Kut, women carrying trays of pastries in Sadr City, and kids peeking out from the doorway of their makeshift house in the city of Kut.


    1. You’d be surprised how little different the type of camera makes. What matters most is the skill, empathy, attitude, artistic talent, and sharp observation of the photographer. On that basis, I think Qamar Hashim has a bright future.

  1. Headline: “Meet Iraq’s youngest photographer”. Article: “He is the youngest Iraqi photographer to win several local awards….” Video: “…Iraq’s youngest professional photographer.” So, while he’s young, he’s not necessarily “Iraq’s youngest photographer.”

  2. I would really appreciate it if Boing Boing could please refrain from posting articles about eight-year-old children who have better skills than I do.

  3. Get that kid a Leica! But I’m sure all the young hip Iraqis would prefer a mirrorless camera with some Saddam-era glass.

  4. The second photo with the sleepy bookseller (who looks like Mr. Henry Beamis from the Twilight Zone ep.”Time Enough at Last”) looks like a typical office here at Random House. :/

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