News reporter's on-camera mammogram results in breast cancer diagnosis

This sure feels familiar.


      1. Heh. The only time the words “Thanks, Cow.” could possibly NOT be an insult.

        You are made of win and awesome, and we all wish you well and safe.

  1. Is it OK for us to ask how are you?  Either way, we are thinking of you and wish you a happy and healthy New Year!  Hang tough chica!

  2. I wonder if Jezebel will post things about this woman questioning her experience and kinda calling her a liar. After that little stunt i added all of the gawker sites to my blocksite plugin in firefox. What a bunch of seriously bad people.

    1. Geez, I already try to avoid any links to any gawker sites after the redesign debacle, the password leak, and having fleshbot appear in the gizmodo rss (not great having those show up at work), but that just adds another to the list.

  3. Had a mammogram over our semester break, after putting it off for a two years; all is well. At the last one, I’d gotten the call back and had to do an ultrasound, and while everything turned out to be okay, it unnerved me and I just went into avoidance mode. Thank you, Xeni, for your courage. 

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