The Count Dante Documentary. Karate. Comics. Sex. Drugs. Death. Mobsters. Crazy lies, crazier truths.


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  1. Antinous / Moderator says:

    Just looking at that ad makes me hear a phantom wah-wah pedal.

  2. I’m from Providence, so he was kinda sorta a local guy. My mother was sooooooo mad when his book arrived. I wish I could still lay my hands on the black plastic card.

  3. Snig says:

    It’s still a work in progress, but I mention this because I really want it to get fully funded and watch it one day.   Floyd Webb, the indie film maker behind the project, is still working at it.  More on the project and Count Dante here:

  4. lafave says:

    The Green Dragon Society (rival school) had hyped-up ads through the 90s. The Count Dante story captivates me.

  5. steveboyett says:

    I remember when I was coming up through the ranks in Tae Kwon Do in the 70s and I voraciously ate up Black Belt Magazine. The martial-arts boom driven by Bruce Lee movies was huge then. BBM did articles on Count Dante that always engendered vociferous reader reaction because it was so gallingly obvious he was full of shit. If I recall correctly, he had clearly made up an enormous amount of his autobiography. I remember we used to call his art “Dim Chance.”

    The video is hilarious — nothing gives cred like a gonzo kink writer requiring his broken sub to sit in the foreground during an interview.

  6. geech says:

    Floyd has been working on this for years now and there should be a  documentary about the freakshow issues he’s had to deal with just in making the film!  John Keehan (aka Count Dante) had some pretty curious followers and associates, in particular a few from Fall River, MA, who tried to shut down Floyd’s efforts via bogus copyright claims, threats, harassment and much more.  Quite a tale there. I’ve been following it for years as it has slowly unfolded online.

    The blog of the (failed) plaintiff, Bill Aguiar III is a wonder to behold in and of itself…

    with a prime example being:

    “Your [sic] stupid you dont [sic] know the origins of the dragons your [sic] so stupid and ignorant and my movie is way better than yours. “

  7. Floyd Webb says:

    Hi folks. I really want this to be over with. The horror, the horror. Independent film-making ain’t easy, but somebody’s got to do it!

  8. Rheinhard says:

    Of small interest to anime fans:  Count Dante was also the inspiration for the “greatest fighter on Earth” from Dragonball Z, the savior of the world, Mr. Satan!

  9. noah django says:

    relevant at 2:37, but the whole joint is pretty good.

  10. hassan-i-sabbah says:

    He strikes me as a kinda kung fu Anton La Vey.

  11. The Mieters says:

    I just thought he was one of the recurring characters from the books of Robert Rankin. Strange to realize he was probably weirder in real life.

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