The new owner of Righthaven's domain hates "spineless" ISPs


10 Responses to “The new owner of Righthaven's domain hates "spineless" ISPs”

  1. jeligula says:

    That is not a jellyfish.  That is a fungus from Yuggoth.

  2. IronEdithKidd says:

    It’s a SpongeBob-free zone?

  3. RJ says:

    Your use of quotation marks around “bespoke” was noticed and duly appreciated. It’s a shame to see archaic terminology twisted into modern day weasel words, especially for some litigious ass-lick and his fledgling extortion service.

    • Indie Space says:

      RJ, it might be time to consider that remedial reading course. The article describes the PREVIOUS owner of the Righthaven domain. So your comment about a “litigious ass-lick and his fledgling extortion service” has nothing to do with the new owners. It’s clear that the new owners bought the domain for ironic purposes. Let’s see what they do with it before you start name calling the wrong guys.

  4. Thü says:

    Well, not surprising. I am from Zug, and I know how many tax-fleeing people, fraudulent firms and lawyers, third-world predators multinational companies of resource traders and similar stuff is resided here. So do not expect someting good from that new domain holder.

    • Rephlex says:

      You are forgetting to mention that the Swiss provide one of the last safe havens for obtaining copy-written material for personal use, under the full protection of the law. If there was one place on earth I would want my Domain, it would probably be there. It seems obvious to me, that someone aims to highlight that with the purchase of this domain.

  5. Ben_R_R says:

    That’s a Jellyfish? I figured it was a silhouette of a copyright lawyer.

  6. August Culbert says:

    Perhaps they’re just fans of The Notwist. 

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