Mexican horror magazine cover artwork


Monster Brains has a large gallery of Mexican horror magazine cover artwork. If you are like me, you will head straight over to his Flickr photostream and launch your copy of Bulkr (Let Verona Belmont explain Bulkr to you).


  1. Maybe one of you guys can help me figure something out:
    about ten years ago, I used to see a particular  spanish language comic in newstands inside of subway stations, particularly the colombus circle one in NYC. It was about a very sexy and sexual evil  brunette Vampire chick, who would travel around the world sort of like an evil Sherlock Holmes, accompanied by her gay renfeld. They would uncover mysteries and get caught up in various capers, but were completely evil. Pretty sure the comic was either from colombia or Italy (originally). For some strange reason I can’t explain, I can’t remember the name of the comic (and would obviously like to), so if any of you guys know, please share. Thanks

    1. I have a couple of those which I bought off eBay. Although they’re titled, “Electrochoc”, they’re French reprints of Italian horror fumetti (Elvifrance). The female vampire’s name is Tania, although others in this category are “Zora” and  “Jacula”. 

      1. dude, thank you soooo much, I really appreciate it! Just googled using those terms, and yes, those are the ones. Couldn’t read the text, but the visual story line was crazy enough that I had fun checking them out nonetheless.

  2. That’s pretty much exactly what I saw out my window after over-indulging over the Christmas.  Never doing shots again.  Seriously, there aren’t even any windmills were I live.

  3. The 17th panel was ‘borrowed’ from an old Golden Key comic (Magnus, Robot Fighter, Vol #1, 1963.)  I’m sure a lot of the others may have been lifted from other sources as well.  Still an impressive collection of nightmare seeds.

  4. “Hey, maybe that human can get these stupid Halloween masks off our heads!”

    “Yeah! Hey…HEY! MAMMAL! Can you use those opposable thumbs of yours to…”


    “Jerry! What hap…”


    “…trap…was a trap…”

    “…damn you…invisible…force…field…”

  5. Are they winged Republi…no, no, no, mustn’t.  Election-year embargo on that kind of foolishness, I’d nearly forgotten.

  6. For me the innate fear should be deflated by the kitsch of it, the lack of subtly, and the non-build up (very important in horror); but DAMN that’s creepy.

    I can’t stop looking at it.

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