Hilda, kids' comic in the tradition of Miyazaki and Moomins


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  1. jhhl says:

    It does seem very Mooministic and Totorrific!

  2. No Brow says:

    it’s available directly from http://www.nobrow.net/6789 :)

  3. LennStar says:

    Miyasaki Fans of the world, unite! :D

    Speaking of japanese children books, there is Kenji Miyazawa. His Night on the Galactic Railroad is  one of the most known and cited works in Japan (and has an anime-adaption). I know of at least 5 animes that quote this one more or less open, one more recent “bungaku shoujo” (book girl) , which has a very unique character.

    I cannot believe that there seems to be only one (!) english book on amazon.com
    hm… I just looked on amazon.de and they have it, too. Wasn’t the case half a year ago. There is even a Kindle version. 

    Whatever: Poesy is propably a bit young for this, put you could mark it for future reading ;)
    My philosophical point of view: If you want to get a society known in a hurry:
    1) read their most sold children books. That tells you the values they want to have (and tell their children)
    2) watch or listen to their radio / TV program children segment. That tells you what values they actually have and teach. (And btw. the children segment is a very good indicator for the quality of the whole station. I have never seen a good channel with a bad children program and vice versa.)

  4. Sally Carson says:

    Hildafolk looks wonderful, but how can we get it in the States? I tried ordering a copy a couple months back from Amazon, it should have shipped from the UK. After a month of waiting, I got a notification that the order was cancelled. They just couldn’t make it happen, cap’n. Anybody know how folks in the U.S. can get either of these books?

    • No Brow says:

      You will be able to get it and our other books in the States from late march early april onwards. We were in the process of switching distro, but from then on, our titles will be more readily available in the US. In the mean time you can put in a pre-order at amazon or buy it from us directly, but the shipping is a bit steep for now… http://www.nobrow.net/6789

  5. ukegap says:

    Of course, there are the Hilda comics for big kids, too. http://www.toilgirls.com/hilda/gallery.html

  6. Clifton says:

    Almost four, really?  Time flies. 

    It seems like only the other day that she was born and the BB trolls were flaming you about naming her Poesy.

  7. Cicada Mania says:

    Is there a Snufkin-esque character?

  8. Daemonworks says:

    Glad there’s a UK version, we get stuck with American versions far too often in Canada.

    • No Brow says:

      Well for now there’s only UK versions, because changing the spellings for the US is too costly for the size of our print runs, sorry America! So Canada, for now, you’re safe :)

  9. Blazeldude says:

    I have both issues and love it, kooky, beautiful and charming. Definitely not just for kids. NoBrow rocks the presses.

  10. sohail sidique says:

    The cover for “the midnight giant” reminds me a lot of the Tintin comics. 

  11. azzamckazza says:

    Soooo good! No Brow Press books are the best smelling books in the Business too. 

    Luke Perason’s  ‘Everything We Miss’ is also a must. Not for kids though

  12. simonbarsinister says:

    You probably don’t want to just google for ‘Hilda comic’. Trust me.

  13. jrustenhoven says:

    This would have been perfect 2 months ago when I was desperately trying to find decent comics for my 5 year old daughter’s birthday. 

    I don’t know how exactly it happened but she has become Asterix obsessed. While I have very fond memories of Asterix from my own childhood (although not at 5!) there are some issues with Asterix that now make me squirm – the blatant racism and lack of strong women characters leap to mind. She’s also developed rather an interest in hitting things (that she labels Romans) and calling me fat (it’s become a role play game and I usually have to be Obelix).

    She loves the comic book format, I would love to hear more suggestions for good comics without so much of the ultraviolence and strong female leads.

  14. rodinhoob says:

    Oh, shoot. I guess you mix Moomin the Japanese animated TV series and Moomin comics by Tove Jansson. The are quite far from each other aesthetically. 

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