Trailer Tuesday: Illustrator Ed Emberley documentary


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  1. Bartacus says:

    I loved Ed’s books then I was a kid.  I was lucky to stumble across them in my elementary school’s library.  He was a genius at starting with primitive shapes (circle, oval, triangle, rectangles) and using those to build the character design. 

  2. ifriit says:

    Holy crap, Ed Emberly.  I loved his books.  I had four or five of his drawing books, and have fond memories of drawing for hours with them.

  3. grimc says:

    Ed Emberley is right alongside Fred Rogers, Dr. Seuss and Jim Henson in the pantheon.

  4. Senor Schaffer says:

    Yeah! Some of this was filmed in my daughter’s class. She’s at 1:09

    Me<—–proud father

  5. sarah dawn says:

    i still have a vhs video of his called “squiggles, dots, and lines” — i still love to watch it with my children. yay emberly.  peace

  6. Melinda9 says:

    Thanks for this. I love the thumbprint book.

  7. benher says:

    Oh hells yes! Big Green Drawing BOOOOOOK in the HIzzznuuuuhhh!

    • benher says:

      I just remembered something to mention in one of these EE threads that I always forget. 

      If you have any interest in Japanese wood block prints, scope out some of the old Hokusai drawing dictionaries – he breaks down all his drawings from nature in a very similar way – basic shapes arranged in pleasing patterns as a base for his natural forms. It’s more than a tenuous connection – as I perused my Hokusai library I found memories of all those drawing books come flooding back – the ideas incubating all this time waiting to resurface. I am now (very) fortunate to make my living as an artist full time – but I had the help of inspirational artists like Ed and his books. If you’ve got young kids, these don’t cost a lot and are a worthy beginning for the any tyke’s budding reference library!

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