TOM THE DANCING BUG: "Lucky Ducky," Featuring Hollingsworth Hound, Who Must Decide Where to Send His Money on Vacation

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  1. Nobody tell Hollingsworth that the taxes he avoids paying will pay for Lucky Ducky’s second rate prosthetic webbed foot/pegleg combination, courtesy of Big Government. Lucky Ducky!!!

    1. Actually, the present war with Eurasia is providing a great impetus to prosthetics science, as more soldiers are being saved — minus various limbs — who would have died in previous wars. US prosthetics pretty much define current SotA. Check out this BBC programme, Frontline Medicine: Rebuilding Lives.

      Mind you, I don’t know what the situation is or will be when these soldiers muster out. Will successive administrations cut funding for injured veterans?

      1. Shhhhhh. If austerity-obsessed 1%ers find out the government is giving away high-quality prosthetic legs for free (well, uh, not exactly free), there’s going to be a lot more guys nicknamed “Tilt.”

  2. How long will it take until lucky duck will be extra lucky duck, because he can print out his leg?
    Forever, since Hollingsworth plans to buy a leg-factory.

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