Toronto teens send Lego Minifig up 78,000 feet


Goli of MAKE says:

Two young makers from Toronto, Mathew Ho and Asad Muhammad, both age 17, successfully sent a Lego minifig and four cameras to roughly 78,000 feet elevation on a homemade weather balloon. After a 97-minute flight, the balloon returned to Earth with great footage of the journey. Inspired by a similar project done by MIT students, they were determined to make everything from scratch, down to sewing the 5-foot-diameter parachute. After about five months worth of weekends devoted to the build, they did it, and have some great photos to show for their hard work. Check out the video posted on the Toronto Star to hear them talk about their project and to see their balloon pics.


  1. amazing project and footage…  if NASA and the US government were involved, it’d cost millions…  and probably not work!

  2. Good thing they’re in Canada; flying something at 70,000ft with the name “Asad Muhammad” would get you indefinitely detained here in ‘merica.

    1. You may think you’re kidding, but from the article:  “The site kept spitting out Rochester, N.Y., as their balloon’s final landing spot. Muhammad and Ho didn’t like their chances with U.S. Homeland Security.”

      1. The ugly truth of this makes me so sad…America is on a long slow painful decline if we accept this as “how it is”. I’m ashamed.

  3. This does give me a new life goal, to send my Galaxy Explorer into space with a weather balloon.

    Downside: I’d probably have to glue it together, I seriously doubt it could survive any amount of turbulence without falling to pieces. 

    1. Canada’s classic space spacerman wears a red shirt and jeans! Also no helmets, those are for hockey silly!

  4. My favorite part is how they launched the balloon and then went home and made dumplings. CBC represent!

    1. Speaking of CBC, they’re proposing massive cuts in the upcoming fed budget, even though they promised to maintain or increase the funds.  I contacted my Conservative MP, and got a letter back – just a whack of blah blah blah, with no real results.  There was also talk of selling the CBC to an American corporation.  Fools!  The CBC, and our healthcare system, are the best things we have right now.

  5. I wish I really had been kidding.  Hell, your name could be Bob Smith, doing something like this in the US these days would definitely bring the FBI or worse knocking on your door.

  6. I’d love to know more about the details of how they packaged their cameras, and why they waited a week before retrieving the package.  I would have thought the cell phone/GPS battery would have died down such that they might not have found the package.

  7. brilliantly executed !  extremely  impressive !  how did they clear the flight path or be sure it would not interfere with the flight paths of  other aircraft ? 

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