Anti-aging mouthpiece


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  1. awjt says:

    Wouldn’t stretching the cheek skin more make MORE lines?  Or do the exercises hulk out the facial muscles to compensate?  I’m lost on the science here.  MAGGIEEEE!!!!!!!????  

    • bob d says:

      Yeah, stretching the skin would simply cause more wrinkles.  Granted, probably not a noticeable amount, unless you were obsessive about using it, but still…

  2. simonbarsinister says:

    Let the photoshopping begin!

  3. ChicagoD says:

    Ooh, I think I saw that on the back of a Roman coin!

  4. hiabex says:

    Instead of looking old, she just resembles a creepy looking Chinese blow up doll. RESULT!

  5. doug rogers says:

    uuuuhh… wouldn’t actual fellatio be more, umm, well, umm, you know….  than practice?

  6. thivai says:

    And in just 30 days you, too, can have toned and taut features of a back-alley prostitute!

    Act now and we’ll throw in shake weight…

  7. Chuck says:

    I already mentioned the Bane mask yesterday — don’t think I can do it again.

  8. Thebes42 says:

    Japanese fellatio simulator reverses the aging of women’s faces.
    The implications are obvious.
    Men worldwide rejoice in offering a sustainable local alternative.

  9. John Rust says:

    Anti-Asian mouthpiece? 

  10. oldtaku says:

    What the heck. The funniest thing about all these ‘toners’ for neck, cheeks is that the more you exercise them the worse it gets. It’s the skin losing elasticity from deformation (and age), not the tone of the muscle under it.

    Knew a guy who couldn’t move the left side of his face – completely paralyzed. It looked 10-20 years younger than the right side.

  11. dolo54 says:

    Got nothing on the Facial Flex.

    And Rejuvenique laughs at your pathetic attempt to exercise face muscles!

  12. rrh says:

    “… developed by an ordinary housewife”

    So not a doctor?

  13. glaborous_immolate says:

    “just look at it”

  14. francoisroux says:

    Erm, ok…

  15. dancharvey says:

    I’m simultaneously reminded of fellatio and Mona Richmond’s character’s surgery in Brazil.

  16. Marching Mice of Mu says:

    For some reason the promo pic reminds me of this:

  17. chauncey s says:

    My grandma just says “E” “A” “I” “O”U” very over exaggeratedly and slowly, and she’s 82 without any jowls.

  18. voiceinthedistance says:

    Mount a kazoo in it and you have a viable musical instrument.
    Add a vibrator, and . . . you have a vibrating musical instrument.

  19. Wingnut says:

    What about the unintended side effects?

  20. Freya Shipley says:


    And “ordinary housewife”? How insulting.

  21. jennybean42 says:

    I’ve seen enough hentai to know where this is going….

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