Art Spiegelman exhibition in Angouleme, France

[Video Link] Short video of Maus creator Art Spiegelman getting a hero's welcome in France, where a museum in Angouleme is exhibiting a retrospective of his work.

(Via Potrzebie)


  1. Last week, I assigned a sample of Maus for my creative writing students to analyze. This weekend I plan on going through their responses, I hope I won’t be disappointed or saddened.

    It’s a bit late, but I’ll probably link this video to my site to give them an idea of the scope of his influence.

  2. I love his work and think Maus will live for a very long time as a major 20th-century American novel. Good to see him getting such accolades, sad that he doesn’t get them as much in his home country.

    I wonder if having a French wife encourages him to learn French.

  3. It’s great to see North American talents showcased in Angoulême. I’d love to see the borders between bande dessinée, comics and all other forms of the 9th art further blurred. They’re all the same art and it’s a rather small world.

    Mark, you should have a look at the other artists/graphic novels nominated in Angoulême. Many of them aren’t well-known in America but are available in English. I personally recommend Michel Rabagliati’s ‘Paul’ series. It’s semi-biographical life stories that are amazingly poignant and funny. Rabagliati is being lauded as ‘Québec’s own Hergé’. Since you’ve enjoyed Guy Delisle, you’ll probably dig Rabagliati (Delisle is also nominated this year).

    EDIT: I realize that’s Cory, not Mark, who posted about Guy Delisle before… So either check them out or tell Cory about it ;)

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