"My Favorite Museum Exhibit": Urine facts


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  1. Gregory Lam says:

    Awesome! I remember when I was young, the Planetarium restrooms at the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto, Canada featured a large diagram on space toilets facing the urinals (I believe the Womens had a similar pictoral near the sinks). I hope they’ve kept it; it was a great little easter egg to read while answering the call of nature.

  2. Shazbot says:

    The Omniplex was the raddest thing ever.


    Cheap, interesting and likely to be remembered.  This is a great way to teach science.

  4. Cameron McKinney says:

    I still call it the Omniplex, but then again since I moved away to Texas, I didn’t know its name had changed. Such an odd combination of museums. Like the dresses of the First Ladies of the governors, the photography museum, that model railroad display, the air and space, the naval museum of dioramas , etc….

    • Wasn’t there also, like, some ancient Chinese pottery tucked away in a random corner upstairs? I feel like I remember that, but there was so much at the Omniplex that I might be taking that room from another museum and mentally dropping it in there. 

  5. Doc_S says:

    And next Monday, on an all new “Hoarders,” someone who’s saved it all.

  6. Ambiguity says:

    Cool. A spam-bot who’s into watersports!

  7. Heather says:

    It will always be the Omniplex to me.  Glad to see love in the comments for the first lady dresses.  I always loved the earthquake simulators, mirror maze, and shadow room.  And the airplanes.  Ok, I love everything about the Omniplex.

  8. msbpodcast says:

    I love drinking Belgian beers. I’m sure that I’ve, uh, produced far more than that. :-)

  9. Bryan Irrera says:

    They have something similar at “Rafiki’s Planet Watch” at “Conservation Station” in Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Florida…they have a “Whiz Quiz” above the urinals with the answers posted above the sinks.  You can find a picture here:  

  10. Beanolini says:

    Is there a corresponding statistic like ‘during your life you will inadvertently drink 10 gallons of urine’?

  11. Cammie Backus says:

    The gymnastics hall of fame is there because International Gymnast (the oldest magazine for gymnasts & gymnastics enthusiasts) is located in nearby Norman–residence of Bart Conner and Nadia Comaneci.

  12. Oh man the Omniplex and zoo were the best things in OKC as a kid.  Anybody remember Enterprise Square, USA?  I even loved that too, although it was dedicated to right-wing capitalist greed :)

  13. cousin229 says:

    I am enjoying this great series! 
    Thank you Mrs Maggie

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