Photo booth pictures from the Edwardian Era

These rare photo booth images of people from the Edwardian era show that selfies aren't just a modern phenomenon. 

From Vintage News Daily: "The first-ever working photo booth was made by French inventor T.E. Enjalbert in March 1889 and was presented later that same year at the World's Fair in Paris. He named it the "Apparatus for Automatic Photography". A similar machine was patented only a year later in America by photographer Mathew Steffens. By the early Edwardian era, photobooth self-portraits had become quite a craze." 

One thing that stands out to me here is how straight-faced everyone in the photos look compared to the way people use photo booths today. Having a photo of yourself back then was a special treat, so people wore their best outfits and took the act of having a selfie taken quite seriously. 

 There was once a time when people dressed up as christmas trees.