Zero-gravity buttermilk biscuits, 1956

Puffin Biscuits, 1956, a vintage ad shared in the Boing Boing Flickr Pool by BB reader MewDeep, whose collection there is full of great stuff.


  1. Just glanced quickly at the copy and thought it said “Paraffin Biscuits”. Yum! Probably wouldn’t taste that different from what came out of that tube….

  2. These things were never as good after they took the puffin lard out of the recipe.

    “Pick the package with the string.”

    Oh, fooey on that. Half the fun of making these kind of biscuits is smacking the tube against a counter and having the dough-lets ooze out.

    1. Oxygen indicator band (on breast of Mark IV Vacuum-Trak Tee) still registering blue.  He’s okay until he “pinks out”.  Unless the biscuits get him first.

  3. I wonder if this inspired Fritz Leiber’s “Bread Overhead”? Published in 1958, so maybe.  It’s on, and is a pretty quick read.

    1. That was my first thought.  Helium prices were too high, so I used hydrogen, and the foil wrappers increased costs so we kept the clear cellophane.

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