Father John Misty: “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings” (MP3 download) - Boing Boing Exclusive!


8 Responses to “Father John Misty: “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings” (MP3 download) - Boing Boing Exclusive!”

  1. When the video hit last week I’ve caught myself playing the Youtube clip over and over and over.  This is on my list of must-gets for this year.

  2. theophrastvs says:

    needs more percussion  [eyeskywards]

  3. Amy Seidenwurm says:

    You can also follow Josh’s extremely entertaining tweets at 

  4. Alejandro_the_Great says:

    That pic looks like the set of Lord of the G-Strings.

  5. pjcamp says:

    What the hell player is that, that has no way to adjust the volume? Bad!

  6. Tripped over this tune on Youtube, F@#king brilliant, and to find out that its from a former fleet fox member makes total sense, bring on the album

  7. Sounds like a bunch of kids from East Texas in 1984 wishing they were a bunch of kids from Manchester in 1979. But not really, my old band was never this good. 

  8. Their first album was better, I have it on vinyl.

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