Father John Misty: “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings” (MP3 download) - Boing Boing Exclusive!


Sound it Out # 17: Father John Misty “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings”

I’m extremely happy to share this free/exclusive download of Father John Misty’s first single.

Father John Misty is better known as Josh Tillman, former drummer for Fleet Foxes and a solo artist. He has a new album called Fear Fun that’s out on May 1st. I’m often quite bad at inferring the deeper meaning of songs, so I went to the source and asked Josh. Here’s what he said:

The central idea in this song is that the customs we have at our disposal to deal with grief, or commemorate a life, generally spectacularly fail to do either of those. Sometimes, and in my case, those attempts at reconciling life with grief fare much better while hooking up in a graveyard.

The song evokes an interesting combination of sorrow and rage. It hasn’t driven me to go get it on in a cemetery, but I’m not entirely ruling it out.