Interactive "Starry Night" adds a touch of movement


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  1. Cool idea. I was a bit annoyed by the “pan-and-scan” video, though. I would have preferred just to see the whole image.

  2. barnaby says:

    I once took mushrooms and saw this painting at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. This is exactly what it looked like.

  3. Mitchell Powers says:

    This music is not so great. Country Teasers, maybe.

  4. Reminds me a little of this Martin Wattenberg site from 1997 -

  5. When Tom Brigham was working out some of the details to morphing back in the 80s, he animated smeared UV coordinates before mapping this painting to a similar effect.

  6. I never realized this painting wasn’t already kinetic… now the original will seem boring by comparison.

    A truly inspired 21st century redux.

  7. Gordon Klock says:

    Don’t know what Vincent would of thought of this….

  8. rikomatic says:

    I thought the Second Life version of “Starry Night” was even better, back in the day.  You could wander the streets of the painting!

  9. Pravin Yadav says:

    Congrats Petros Vrellis for carrying forward the dream seen by Van Gogh and thanks Roger Weiss for evincing it. Art never has any constraint, it’s a free flowing expression. Artist develops a universe around the concept. It’s like a black hole that grapples, gratifies and swallows viewers mind. Viewer’s freedom is also deliberate act of an Artist to play with viewer’s mind. Don’t u think same things happen with us in real world…

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