Man digs out basement with R/C construction equipment models

A fellow named Joe, from Saskatchewan, Canada, has been digging out his basement since 2005 with a fleet of remote-control scale models of tractors and trucks. He even has a conveyor belt to move the dirt. What fun!

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From Carscoop:

"I feel quite fortunate to have stumbled onto this basement excavation idea, it's been a great past time to date dreaming up new ideas to tackle different projects along the way," Joe wrote on the Scale4x4rc forums where he also posted pictures and videos of his feat.

"It's been a great hobby thus far, dreaming up - building all sorts of different miniature equipment from kits or from scratch for this "mining" project. If it wasn't for this mining project I probably would have lost of interest in this hobby by now b/c once the models are built - the novelty of how they work & perform would wear off with no task to be accomplished them," he notes in another post.

"Canadian Digs Out Basement Using Only Radio Controlled Scale Tractors and Trucks…Since 2005!"