Fuzzy bunnies, big-eyed girls, meat, magic, and mystery


8 Responses to “Fuzzy bunnies, big-eyed girls, meat, magic, and mystery”

  1. Colin Berry says:

    Mark Ryden was a talented painter from a young age. Here’s his yearbook pics! 


  2. Max says:

    Wot no “see inside” from Amazon?
    Shame, I was hoping to see a single page worth more than an average book.

  3. azzamckazza says:

    Looking at this price tag makes my sacrifice of $99 ten years ago for his Anima Mundi book seem paltry in comparison 

  4. $1,000? For a book? throw in a nice steak dinner and you got yourself a deal.

  5. peterkvt80 says:

    At that price I’d hope that you would get a proper letter “E” instead of a Sigma in the title.

  6. sean says:

    I thought books are dead. How much for the Kindle version?

  7. Sarah L. says:

    Garbage art. Far too precious and twee and tastefully controversial. 

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