TechCrunch not dead yet


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  1. scatterfingers says:

    ComScore are a bunch of lying bastards whose continued existence is beyond a mystery.

  2. Haz 0 says:

    Probably has to do with Facebook-only commenting, and their fixation with flame wars.

  3. ialreadyexist says:

    I’ve never read TechCrunch, but this doesn’t surprise me.  It sounds very similar to what happened to Engadget.  Soon after Engadget was purchased by AOL, the suckage factor went way up, they seemed to encourage religious fanboy wars for the sake of clicks, and all their best writers left.

    AOL – screwing up everything they touch.

  4. Elliottw says:

    Sounds like fairly ill-informed opinions about comScore. You could check with Nielsen Netratings for a second opinion. Or Alexa, which shows Techcrunch down 26% in just the past three months.

  5. “they tend to give lowball figures for sites who don’t sign up for (or stop using) expensive direct measurement services”

    Load View source. Search for “” or “COMSCORE.” Beacon fires with the pageload. There could be sampling happening but direct measurement is available for the site.

  6. sofong says: Lists TechCrunch as #4 +1 for this week. That’s all the blogs. Boingboing is #8

  7. PhotogTech says:

    Funnily enough I just a few minutes ago unsubscribed from the TechCrunch RSS feed
    They’ve been posting even more shit than usual recently and posting far to many articles in total
    My RSS rules are “shit articles + too many articles = Unsubscribe” 

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