Wool 1-5 Omnibus: gripping Kindle read


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  1. Jon says:

    Fantastic author. If you like Wool, make sure you read his full length novel, Half Way Home. He describes it as Lord of the Flies meets Alien.

  2. I read this series a couple months back and was absolutely enamored. Wool is a fantastic creation and easily imaginable – the author does a fine job at suspending disbelief and invoking intense emotions throughout the series. Absolutely recommended.

  3. jonahandthewhale says:

    I cannot stress how good Wool truly is.  Read it last month, no wonder it has so many 5 star reviews on Amazon.  Buy the Omnibus, it’s cheap ($4.99) and hefty (both in volume and quality of writing).

  4. Stephen Gordon says:

    The omnibus is part of the Kindle Lending Library, so some people can borrow it for free that way.

    I can’t, because that program is buggy. This feels like a life lesson. Last digital content experience: http://theoatmeal.com/comics/game_of_thrones

  5. waetherman says:

    I just finished this series last night, coincidentally. Overall it’s a very good “series” and well worth the price of $5-$7 (depending on how you go about purchasing it). I would caution, however, that this is really best thought of as a serialized novel – the first story (Wool I) stands on it’s own to a certain extent, but the others do not work quite as well. So you can download them all individually as I did (paying a total of $7) but know that if you like the first one at all you’re probably just going to read all of them in the end, so it’s worth just getting the I-V “omnibus” version from the start.

    I second Jon’s recommendation for Half Way Home as well. I enjoyed that one more, actually. A bit short for a novel (barely scraping 200 pages, I think) but a good read and easily worth the $3 price. Also, it was written as a nanowrimo project, which is cool.

  6. I bought it earlier today since I saw it written up on megaton.us and saw all the glowing reviews on amazon. I look forward to it even more now! Thanks!

  7. Doug Dawson says:

    I absolutely loved this series. Didn’t expect to; well, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I have come across some real stinkers in the free/cheap recommendations from Amazon. I ended up roaring through all five volumes.

    Hugh Howey can tell a gripping story without falling into standard tropes or cliches. His characters are three-dimensional. The level of detail is just enough to keep the reader engaged in the fictional world. The closest comparison is to the sci-fi I loved from my youth, like Heinlein, but with a modern savvy that is rare. Just a great read. Highly recommended!

  8. Obligitory angry comment about how I can’t get it as I don’t use a Kindle.

    •  Nicholas, if you have a computer, you can get it. All you need to do is download the Kindle for your PC app, right from amazon.com.

    • Hugh Howey says:

      You can get a signed copy of the physical book from my website. I only charge a few bucks for shipping and the padded mailer. It costs more than the Kindle version, but trust me: I don’t make much once the printing is taken into account. The Omnibus weighs in at 540 pages and goes for $19.95.

      Or, as Sara pointed out, you can read it on your smartphone, PC, Mac, or tablet.

  9. David Olson says:

    I am just finishing Book 5.  I’ve been a science fiction reader since the sixties, so I’ve had time to develop some defined tastes.  I purchased the Omnibus based on reviews, and I expected to like it.  Don’t do that to yourself, BTW, it’s a good setup to be disappointed.  But I wasn’t disappointed; in fact, I have immensely enjoyed the book and will be sure to read Half Way Home.  Bravo, Mr. Howey!

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