Wool 1-5 Omnibus: gripping Kindle read

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I'm not always the biggest fan of Amazon's recommendations, buying books and toys for my daughter frequently leaves me with a screen of Dora the Explorer and Strawberry Shortcake titles. I was skeptical when I bought Wool by Hugh Howey but figured .99 was a small risk.

This story is terrific. I was completely immersed, watching Howey slowly paint a picture of a society gone wrong through the eyes and discovery of some truly compelling characters. I really don't want to give so much away as each short novella adds more clarity and resolution to the questions of "What the heck is going on here?" and "How did this get so screwed up?" It is compelling in its anthropological analysis of human development and became harder and harder to put down as the you learned, along with the characters, how and why their society performs as it does.

You can buy the Kindle eBook of Howey's first installment via the link above or buy the entire collection of 5 stories (the later ones are much longer than the first) here: Wool 1-5 Omnibus by Hugh Howey


  1. Fantastic author. If you like Wool, make sure you read his full length novel, Half Way Home. He describes it as Lord of the Flies meets Alien.

  2. I read this series a couple months back and was absolutely enamored. Wool is a fantastic creation and easily imaginable – the author does a fine job at suspending disbelief and invoking intense emotions throughout the series. Absolutely recommended.

  3. I cannot stress how good Wool truly is.  Read it last month, no wonder it has so many 5 star reviews on Amazon.  Buy the Omnibus, it’s cheap ($4.99) and hefty (both in volume and quality of writing).

  4. The omnibus is part of the Kindle Lending Library, so some people can borrow it for free that way.

    I can’t, because that program is buggy. This feels like a life lesson. Last digital content experience: http://theoatmeal.com/comics/game_of_thrones

  5. I just finished this series last night, coincidentally. Overall it’s a very good “series” and well worth the price of $5-$7 (depending on how you go about purchasing it). I would caution, however, that this is really best thought of as a serialized novel – the first story (Wool I) stands on it’s own to a certain extent, but the others do not work quite as well. So you can download them all individually as I did (paying a total of $7) but know that if you like the first one at all you’re probably just going to read all of them in the end, so it’s worth just getting the I-V “omnibus” version from the start.

    I second Jon’s recommendation for Half Way Home as well. I enjoyed that one more, actually. A bit short for a novel (barely scraping 200 pages, I think) but a good read and easily worth the $3 price. Also, it was written as a nanowrimo project, which is cool.

  6. I bought it earlier today since I saw it written up on megaton.us and saw all the glowing reviews on amazon. I look forward to it even more now! Thanks!

  7. I absolutely loved this series. Didn’t expect to; well, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I have come across some real stinkers in the free/cheap recommendations from Amazon. I ended up roaring through all five volumes.

    Hugh Howey can tell a gripping story without falling into standard tropes or cliches. His characters are three-dimensional. The level of detail is just enough to keep the reader engaged in the fictional world. The closest comparison is to the sci-fi I loved from my youth, like Heinlein, but with a modern savvy that is rare. Just a great read. Highly recommended!

    1. You can get a signed copy of the physical book from my website. I only charge a few bucks for shipping and the padded mailer. It costs more than the Kindle version, but trust me: I don’t make much once the printing is taken into account. The Omnibus weighs in at 540 pages and goes for $19.95.

      Or, as Sara pointed out, you can read it on your smartphone, PC, Mac, or tablet.

  8. I am just finishing Book 5.  I’ve been a science fiction reader since the sixties, so I’ve had time to develop some defined tastes.  I purchased the Omnibus based on reviews, and I expected to like it.  Don’t do that to yourself, BTW, it’s a good setup to be disappointed.  But I wasn’t disappointed; in fact, I have immensely enjoyed the book and will be sure to read Half Way Home.  Bravo, Mr. Howey!

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