Listening to the past: NPS releases historic audio recordings


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  1. David McKee says:

    If people are interested in old music, check out the Internet Archives’ archives.

    If you want playlists of other old music from – stuff from 1900-1910 –  check here: 

    [Disclaimer: I wrote the code I've linked to.]

    [Edit: it's also 90% actually listenable to and enjoyable, as opposed to these very noisy recordings]

  2. Seth Eag says:

    “The recordings include the first Chancellor of the German Empire Otto von Bismarck reciting poetry and songs in four languages.”

    That’s kind of insanely awesome.

  3. Jim Saul says:

    After transfer to today’s recording formats, I wonder if these artifacts could be copied with a super high resolution laser scan to minimize future need for handling.

    I’m always reminded of this poor butterfingered expert shattering an original during some pop tech show: 

  4. Yup this wax cylinder is one-of-a-kind and – *CRAK* Oh fff-…shit.

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