New Yorkers: help defend local libraries at June 8-9's Read In

Libraries in New York City are facing a potential $106 million cut to their budgets. Should these cuts go through, more than 60 neighborhood libraries will close. More than a thousand librarians and library staff will be laid off.

Once again, for a fourth year, New Yorkers will be standing up for libraries at the 24 Hour Read In, which takes place from June 8th & 9th at the gorgeous Brooklyn Public Library Central Library. Poud library supporters will read around the clock: a literal full day of reading in support of libraries throughout the five boroughs.

These book-nerd activists go through a New York City night in fifteen minute shifts. Usually, about a hundred people end up reading over the course of the rally. There is a constant flow of words, and as a speaker's time runs out, strange fragments may lead into the next text in incongruous ways. Disparate voices choose disparate texts—a fascinating experience, just like the city itself.

There are still time slots available, around the clock. Sign up now and help us keep the library doors open.

NYC 24 Hour Read In Rules

Doing a 24 Hour rally outside in New York City which is open to the general public can be an interesting experience. We have a few, a very few rules which we ask participants to observe.

• No porn during storytime. 8AM – 1PM on Sunday June 9th is Family Storytime. If you want to rock a robot voice for the kiddies for your 15 minutes we think that is awesome. Please leave Shades of Grey for

• The Dark Hours, Midnight to 4AM. Things can get pretty racy. As it gets later the stories get dirtier and hecklers may chime in with crib notes and commentary.

• Please show up 15 minutes before your 15 minute reading slot, and read for your full 15 minutes, but only for 15 minutes.

• Don't show up drunk or high. We will give your slot to someone else.

• Please just read, with no speeches or polemics. If members of the City Council, the heads of Brooklyn Public Library, New York Public Library, and Queens Library can refrain from oratory, so can you.

That's it, no more rules. Come out, be a book activist, drink some coffee, eat some pizza, share your special book with the world, and stand up for libraries in New York City which are facing cuts of more than $106 million. If these cuts go through, more than 60 libraries will be closed across the city and more than 1,000 librarians and library staff will be laid off.