TSA body-scanner guy says TSA is "strongly cautioning" reporters not to write about him

Jon Corbett, who posted a video explaining a vulnerability in TSA full-body scanners that might allow dangerous objects onto airplanes now reports that two different reporters have told him that they were contacted by a TSA spokesperson called Sari Koshetz who "strongly cautioned" them not to write about his video.

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  1. Kaibaman says:

    OF COURSE The TSA is trying to get reporters not to interview the guy and talk about the video, as I type their trying to censor every version of the Youtube Video that exposed the Body Scanner Flaw under false flagging tactics so the video don’t go viral.

    • wygit says:

       Huh. The first version I saw on Youtube is still there… Any links to how they’re trying to censor every version of the Youtube video?

      • Kaibaman says:

         Even though the videos are still their,for ones that got False Flagged. Let’s say you go to a website(MSNBC as an example) if MSNBC covered the story of the video and just posted up the link to the video and not embedd it. You fallow the link and you’ll see you have to Confirm your 18 Years or Older in order to see the video,The Videos are slowly being False Flagged via Community Guidelines Violations.

  2. wrybread says:

    I suppose we should thank the TSA for illustrating, time and again, the dangers of large opaque bureaucracies without clear checks and balances. 

  3. Sarge Misfit says:

    I’ve been tweeting about it :-D

  4. Mari Lwyd says:

    “Who is Barbara Streisand and what does she have to do with this? She has an effect? What effect? Can we use it to save our asses?” – Anonymous TSA Official

  5. Mari Lwyd says:

    If the world were a just place TSA officials and the major politicians that allowed this whole fiasco would lose their jobs and/or get sued for damages from various parties.

  6. MandoZink says:

    I guess the TSA would really flip if I did a video showing how to pass metal objects through a metal detector. For the last 28 years I worked at Louisville’s main airport.  Years ago I learned that if you put a metal object in a shoe, say your right one,  stepped through with your left foot first, then very quickly move your right foot through the detector, you can do it faster than the machine can detect the metal.  I have demonstrated this to a few people, using large metal pliers, but did not show the TSA folks. They are arrogant.
    After a shooting at my local bank recently, they also installed metal detectors at the entrance door.  My steel-toed boots set them off and I had to be “buzzed” in by a teller who recognized me.  I simply began to swish both feet quickly through the machine and NEVER set the thing off again. (Actually, I did forget a few times and it did go off again)

  7. brunocerous says:

    See: “Streisand effect”

  8. Church says:

    Dissenting (somewhat) opinion: Slow Down TSA Lynch Mob: That Naked Scanner Expose Video Is Exaggerated & Old News


    • Mordicai says:

      “Yeah, everyone knows they don’t work & we have from the start!”

    • DROGTURIST says:

      While this guy’s not wrong that this is old news, I don’t understand his final point there. Some scanner operator saw Jon’s little metal box and concluded that it cannot possibly be a bit of C4 with a detonator? Does Techdirt think bombs look like they do in Road Runner, with sticks of dynamite, wires everywhere and an alarm clock attached?

  9. Efemmeral says:

    If the TSA goes down I’ll raise my glass to BoingBoing. You people are like hungry pitbulls on raw meat. I will forgive you for anything forever because I will never forget how you turned the evil Ralph Lauren, SOPA, and the TSA into your personal chew toys.  

  10. Ex-Fed says:

    I tracked down the spokesperson’s email, sent her an email asking her for a comment about this issue, and got a rather vague, ambiguous, and therefore alarming response:


  11. Maybe an effort in futility, but this article w/the video link should be sent to every member of the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches of the government.  I’ve already sent it to my reps. 

  12. 3William56 says:

    I believe the TSA is following Robert Anton William’s Advice
    IF YOU CAN’T  SEE THE FNORD (sorry, weapon) IT CAN’T EAT YOU.

  13. Efemmeral says:

    BoingBoing, aim your laser beam at Michael Chertoff, please.

  14. howaboutthisdangit says:

    Don’t you people understand that we must remain blind, deaf, ignorant and obedient for our own good?!?

  15. Joe F says:

    Some TSA agent got to see my gf naked over the weekend :(   What took me months only took him seconds. Not Fair!

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