Cutest video you'll see all day of penguins flying on a plane


20 Responses to “Cutest video you'll see all day of penguins flying on a plane”

  1. rrh says:

    Penguins can’t fly! PENGUINS CAN’T FLY!

  2. Penguins on a plane? I’ve had it with these cute goddamn penguins on a plane. 

  3. ahecht says:

    Those look like African or Magellanic penguins to me. Surrounding them with crushed ice is a bit cruel, as they rarely encounter temperatures below freezing in their natural habitat.

  4. avoision says:

    Can’t remember if it’s already been posted to BB, but San Diego’s Sea World has a penguin cam, featuring about 300 penguins. Found via Metafilter.

  5. Michael Sheehan says:

    I’ve HAD IT with these MOTHERF***ING PENGUINS on this MOTHERF***ING PLANE!

  6. penguinchris says:


    In case anyone hasn’t seen this classic internet video: penguin wears backpack to fish market and brings fish home, by himself

  7. Alex Schneider says:

    I’m just happy they didn’t get double-tapped by some pervy air marshal type.

    • social_maladroit says:

      I just hope that Penny’s still able to lay viable eggs after going through the TSA’s body scanner.

  8. irksome says:

    I’m torn between “All those people who’ve ever said, ‘Yeah sure, when penguins fly’ are in a heap of trouble” or “The terrorists have won”.

  9. davechua says:

     Alec Baldwin? They replaced David Attenborough with him?

  10. Wait. Flightless birds are OK but cupcakes in jars are no good? And if I fly with my kid, I gotta put her in a CAR SEAT! But hese over-sized orca jigs get to WANDER AROUND THE PLANE? What if they have box cutters in their cloacae?

  11. CrivenS says:

    Wait american Frozen Planet is narrated by Baldwin?

    Man you guys miss out on the the real deal then:

  12. Damn, now I want pet penguins!  Bet the cat and dog would hate them but the waddling and the following is damn cute.

    On video at least.

  13. EH says:

    You might want to use a picture that can be viewed.

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