Cutest video you'll see all day of penguins flying on a plane

[Video Link.] Yahoo's "Sideshow" blog has the story behind this video, and an accompanying photo gallery slideshow. On a recent Delta Flight, there were 300 or so human passengers and two foot-and-a-half tall penguins, Pete and Penny, who are 6 and 12 years old respectively. They were on their way to the New York premiere of "Frozen Planet," a new Discovery Channel documentary series narrated by Alec Baldwin. Like the narrator, the penguins fly first class. I hope they behaved better on the plane than he has been known to.

[photo: SeaWorld penguins Pete and Penny on display at the "Frozen Planet" premiere at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center on March 8, 2012 in New York City. Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images]


  1. Those look like African or Magellanic penguins to me. Surrounding them with crushed ice is a bit cruel, as they rarely encounter temperatures below freezing in their natural habitat.

      1. Nonsense, you know how many sickos get jobs in animal handling just so they can pack birds in ice for their own twisted pleasures. It’s very important that the public adopt a “See Something, Say Something” attitude towards avian temperature control.

        1. It’s really a testament to how evil these people are that they restrict themselves to more subtle forms of torture than sticks and fire.

    1. I just hope that Penny’s still able to lay viable eggs after going through the TSA’s body scanner.

  2. I’m torn between “All those people who’ve ever said, ‘Yeah sure, when penguins fly’ are in a heap of trouble” or “The terrorists have won”.

  3. Wait. Flightless birds are OK but cupcakes in jars are no good? And if I fly with my kid, I gotta put her in a CAR SEAT! But hese over-sized orca jigs get to WANDER AROUND THE PLANE? What if they have box cutters in their cloacae?

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