Dachshund enjoys snuggling bunny

Because it's nice to cuddle up with a friend sometimes. Read the rest

Here's a big pile of snoozing doggies

All aboard the bedtime train, puppers. Read the rest

Groggy cats recovering from anesthesia are pretty funny

These kitties are coming off of anesthesia, and their tongues are hanging out kind of adorably. Read the rest

Dog is one happy traveler

You can imagine his little tail wagging so hard inside that rollaboard luggage case he's riding in. Read the rest

Dog is on duty to protect sheep but naptime comes first

“She protecc, she attack, but first she naap.” Read the rest

Baby and dog sneak cuteness attack

😲 Top 10 sneak attacks of all time, undisputed 😲

Cat bravely fights invisible dream attackers

An hero cat of unknown origin bravely fights off invisible attackers. Read the rest

Dog not entirely sure how this magic thing works

Unmute this one! Dachshunds are the cutest. Read the rest

Cloud floof pupper

So much fluff! Cloud floof puppies. Read the rest

This is what a very happy dog looks like

He's either very content, or high.

What did we do to deserve dogs?

This is what happiness and best-friends-forever friendship looks like. Read the rest

Dachshund tries to mlem birthday cake icing but keeps missing

Mlem, mlem, mlem.

You're missing it, doxie! Read the rest

Keep scratching me, human.

Wolfdog is not ready for you to stop scratching.

No human, keep scratching.

[via] Read the rest

When you find out you are a very good egg

A dog-shaped egg, or an egg-shaped dog? Unimportant details. The smile's what matters. Read the rest

Crocheted budgies, for a friend who loves birds but can't have one

“They are the pets of a friend of mine and he wanted to give them as a gift to someone who loved them but could not have their own budgies.” Read the rest

Watch: Bulldog is excited about treat, so he's gotta dance

Brutus Patutus is described by his human as a “goofy, loving, American Bully 🤪.” Read the rest

'Toddler Star Wars Lightsaber' fight, now with Dramatic Sound

🔊Sound on! Read the rest

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