My Cavalier King Charles is having none of it

Looks like the dogs are getting along just fine, however.

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I am fitting right into this family @zuzupoos #puppy #snuggles #cute #dogsofinstagram #cavalierkingcharlesspaniel #goldenretriever #adorbs

A post shared by Electra (@electra___cute) on Jul 10, 2020 at 9:00am PDT

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Watch my puppy play

Electra and Pretzel bounce around together.

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AM playtime is bouncy and fun #puppy #goldenretriever #cavalierkingcharlesspaniel @zuzupoos #yip #yap #cute #adorbs #fuzzo #fuzzy

A post shared by Electra (@electra___cute) on Jul 9, 2020 at 7:55am PDT

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Cats enjoy lounging in their basket hammock on a hot summer day

This is a lovely little video of cats lounging in a basket from Kagonekoshiro, one of the great cat blogs of Japan, still going after all these fuzzy scratchy years. Read the rest

Dog patiently waits on stairs for belly rubs from human

“She always waits on the stairs for belly rubs.”

Puppy enjoys skritches

This cute Australian Shepherd pup's name is Zero.

Zero loves skritches. Read the rest

Chicken enjoys riding bicycle with human

This unusual chicken enjoys joining their human for a relaxing bike ride. Read the rest

Watch this baby laugh while eating an ice cream cone for the first time

Pure happiness. Read the rest

Dog has a funny greeting for her humans when they come home

“The greeting we get every time we come home!!!!” Read the rest

Watch this cat enjoy some dank catnip

“My Nanny sewed catnip into a toy bunny for my cat and she absolutely loves it,” says IMGURian @kittydetonator. Read the rest

Cute bear cubs play-fight at South Dakota wildlife park

These two little bear cubs are play-fighting, but they look beary serious. Read the rest

Good dog plays flute


A guy and his German Shepherd, just playing the flute, like you do. Read the rest

Dog does not want bath

Phil the enormous malamute hasn't taken a bath in months, is increasingly in need of a bath, and has no intention whatsoever of having a bath.

SPOILER: Ultimately, Phil is bathed. Phil's vengeance begins at exactly 14:00. Read the rest

Cats wearing hats made from their own cat hair

Hope you like cats and cat hair. Read the rest

Look at all the places this cat shouldn't be

Note: Not actually a great idea to let your cat inside the dishwasher, please don't try this at home.

Places Oliver Shouldn't Be,” a delightful gallery of cat portraits by @lovethecapybara.

Oliver has a very lucky human who loves him, and these are some very funny photos of a cat who enjoys being inside cozy little boxy places around the house, or maybe just nestled into a stack of frying pans or whatever. Read the rest

How To Make A Purrito

This purrito cat is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and she is a Ragdoll/British Short mixed Munchkin Female who was adopted 3 years ago. Read the rest

Trash panda wears cute pajamas

“Say hello to Meeko,” says IMGURian @Lifeisfull12.

“Yeah. He's got jammies...” Read the rest

Baby colobus monkey is adorable

'Colobus monkeys live in families with several females sharing in the care of newborns, a behavior called allomothering'

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