Outernationally-inspired global punk from Neung Phak


8 Responses to “Outernationally-inspired global punk from Neung Phak”

  1. univac says:

    Neung Phak also includes Peter Conheim of Negativland.
    They are amazing! See them live if you can.

  2. ciacontra says:

    Awesome!  Tarantino has found his next soundtrack.  I would buy this in a second but I have exactly zero use for an LP.

    • Stin-G says:

      The LP is up on Bandcamp for download – neungphak.bandcamp.com – and iTunes too I think. The vinyl is nearly sold out from what I’ve heard.

  3.  I hope they really do have a monkey and a Trobriand Islander in the band. Otherwise it seems they are using evolutionary imagery to make racist claims.

  4. pKp says:

    You like this, you really need to go listen to Firewater, stat.

  5. celluloud says:

     god made man, but he used the monkey to do it.  Apes in the plan… we’re all here to prove it.  I can walk like an ape, talk like an ape, do what monkeys do.  god made man, but the monkey supplied the glue.

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