Fed court: quoting newspaper articles online is fair use


8 Responses to “Fed court: quoting newspaper articles online is fair use”

  1. bluest_one says:

    Someone should pass it on to Germany.

    • Ipo says:

        … to ensure they are compensated by “commercial traders” that use pieces of their copyrighted content online…   The ruling meant that users of a clippings service must have a licence from newspaper publishers… 

      That seems very different. 

  2. swashbucklingmonkey says:

    I see what you did there…

  3. Ipo says:

    In a surprise move, the  U.S. District Court for the District of Nevada came to a common sense decision. 

  4. Does this mean that we can post excerpts from the Associated Press without fear? 

  5. jeligula says:

    Common sense prevails, for once.  If I read a newspaper article and then told you about it, would I be guilty of infringement?  I sincerely hope not. But that seems to be the direction these days, doesn’t it?

    • Slant says:

      You know those times when you hear a song in your head?  Well, don’t ever tell anyone about that, especially anyone associated w/ the RIAA.  One minute you’re jamming along to whatever, the next: lobotomy!

  6. BBNinja says:

    Newspapers: The Internet is putting us out of business.

    Newspapers: We don’t want anyone talking about us on the Internet.

    Well played, Newspapers.

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