Choreography + EL wire = awesome dance party


17 Responses to “Choreography + EL wire = awesome dance party”

  1. AwesomeRobot says:

    I know exactly how this works but it’s still completely magical. 

  2. KBert says:

    Incomprehensible… remaining seated, I mean.

  3. Nicky G says:

    My brother does/teaches blacklight theater/funk-dance choreography and performance… he’s going to dig this :) (If he hasn’t seen it already!)

  4. Itsumishi says:

    Music – bleh….
    Dancing – so-so…
    Routine – fucking incredible.

    Amazing use of lighting!

  5. wiredreader2010 says:
    Which came first the Wrecking crew or iLuminate?

    • mobuco says:

      yeah i saw that america’s got talent routine and was wondering if this was the same people. possibly they both ripped it off someone else.

  6. Ed Defy says:

    That is so cool. It’s always inspiring to see such imagination! 

  7. jackie31337 says:

    One of the finalists in Sweden’s Melodifestivalen did something similar. I was kind of disappointed that they weren’t the ones selected to go to Eurovision.

  8. Prospero761 says:

    iLuminate was first. Their founder invented the technology. These guys ripped them off.

  9. SomeGuyNamedMark says:

    But did they escape the clutches of the evil MCP?

  10. El Stinko says:

    Props to whomever invented the light-suit dance technique, but I think both groups brought a lot of originality to it.

  11. bolamig says:

    Cory, The future me thanks you for inspiring some amazing shows on the playa this year.  This was just made for Burning Man, and I’m sure people will take this to the next level… The magic of Charon without all the hardware.

  12. Eric Hunting says:

    It’s like a 21st century Black Art magic. Max Auzinger would have been impressed. 

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