Choreography + EL wire = awesome dance party

Here's Japan's Wrecking Crew Orchestra performing some pretty wonderful dance moves made all the better by their electroluminescent wire garments, which cause them to seemingly wink in and out of existence on the dark stage

WRECKING CREW ORCHESTRA 20120208EL (Thanks, Fipi Lele!)


  1. My brother does/teaches blacklight theater/funk-dance choreography and performance… he’s going to dig this :) (If he hasn’t seen it already!)

    1. yeah i saw that america’s got talent routine and was wondering if this was the same people. possibly they both ripped it off someone else.

  2. One of the finalists in Sweden’s Melodifestivalen did something similar. I was kind of disappointed that they weren’t the ones selected to go to Eurovision.

    1. A caveman may have invented the paintbrush, but I would hardly look upon a Rembrandt as “ripping off” the caveman.

    2. bonus round: “All art is theft.”

      Who said it???

      disclaimer:  I did not invent the concept of the “trivia question.”  I ripped it off someone else!

  3. Props to whomever invented the light-suit dance technique, but I think both groups brought a lot of originality to it.

  4. Cory, The future me thanks you for inspiring some amazing shows on the playa this year.  This was just made for Burning Man, and I’m sure people will take this to the next level… The magic of Charon without all the hardware.

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