This Explains a Lot

Noticed this on the street in LA this morning. Anyone know who the artist is? 

Update: Castro Burger has left us a comment and is the artist behind the poster.  Nice work Mr. Burger!


  1. hey, i am the artist behind this. thanks for posting this and getting it out there for the masses to see.  here’s my site: please check it out. #equality

  2. I like it.  It is less abrasive than many other atheistic displays seem to be.  If you want to be able to enlighten believers about rationality you need to somehow get them to become suspicious about their own irrational mindsets on their own.   Hand them facts and they usually just circle the wagons.  How do you make them think without making them defensive?

    1.  The purpose of these ads is never to “enlighten believers”– that’s a non-starter.  It’s more to tell isolated nonbelievers that they are not alone.

  3. A more accurate sticker would be “Some of gods’ followers hate, ignore, or are ignorant of facts.” Of course that isn’t nearly as edgy and provocative.

    1. I liked you (because your reply is both correct and insightful), but I have to ask you something. (turning on snark-mode)

      -abs wonders if you can prove that God doesn’t hate facts, because -abs doubts you can

      1.  I can’t profess to knowing if he does or doesn’t hate facts. My sticker would stick to… uh… the facts of the situation.

        1. There is no scientist who does not create hypotheses to fill in inexplicable gaps in knowledge. I think this might be an indisputable fact.

      1. Oh, I disagree.  I cracked a merry grin myself.  And it works on a couple of levels, too.  (And had you capitalized Creator, I’d still be rolling on the floor an hour from now.)

        Not like farts.  Those are never, ever remotely funny.

        Edit – Oops, correct me if I’m wrong, but it belatedly occurs to me that it’s likely you mean that Mr44’s proposed sticker is unfunny, as opposed to the actual sticker pictured above. In which case, you’re 100% correct.

        Also, farts are always, always funny.

      2. +1 on thoroughly disagreeing with you.

        This strikes me as funny, insightful, clever, pithy, pertinent, beautifully conceived, wonderfully executed, and, on top of it all, downright gorgeous.

        I’m out of adjectives at the moment, but, in a nutshell, I heart this project.

  4. @Mister44:disqus :
    No, I think you missed the point entirely. God hates facts. He really does. I spoke with him this morning, and he agreed. 

  5. I’ve never had a problem with God. It’s Fred Phelps that bothers me. The sign would make more sense if it said “Fred Hates Facts” since he’s the one who makes those nutty signs.

  6. “Wisdom is supreme; therefore get wisdom. Though it cost all you have, get understanding” Proverbs 4:7

    1. Perhaps, but also, “Do not add to his words, or he will rebuke you and prove you a liar.” Proverbs 30:6

      The Bible is a long text, written and translated over many centuries by many (human) authors embedded in different cultural contexts. It frequently contradicts itself.

      1. Yes there are contradictions in the Bible.  I interpret this to mean that God has left people to sort out the facts.  Genesis has man being called upon to give names (words) to things  created.   Consider that ‘adding words’ to none given may prove to be badly chosen?   Perhaps your proverb warns us of the constructs of men – and less of God? 

        1. As soon as you specify the infallible god-given procedure for telling which is which, let us know. Until then, you have told me to distrust the constructs of men, that words are a construct of men, that the book of God’s revelation was written in the languages of men, and that only human interpretation tells us what those words mean.

          Therefore, it follows from your stated beliefs that I should not believe anything just because the Bible says so, or because fallible humans say so. I agree with that conclusion, at least. But that conclusion does not lead to Christianity, or to any other known religion.

          1. What I am suggesting is that God seems to have given us creation but then purposely left us to interpret/explore/name it.   The path to the mystical / christianity / spiritual is in our trying to understand creation.     

  7. Y’know, personally, there are a lot of facts I hate. I hate the fact that my nephew has epilepsy. I hate the fact that we still haven’t beaten AIDS. I hate the fact that with enough money, you can buy off senators to vote according to your bidding. I utterly despise the fact that people are dying of wars and starvation every day.

    Depends on the facts…

  8. Saw this the other day on my way home in Atwater Village.  Made me smile, as I looked around wondering if anyone else was “getting” it. Nicely done Castro Burger!  Nicely done!

  9. The “You Have Everything You Need” poster is one of my favorites. I hunted down the artist (Dee Dee Cheriel) and bought one from her:

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