Taskrabbit delivered an awesome guy to help me move heavy crap

I was not looking forward to moving two monstrously heavy pieces of furniture from my house to my sister-in-law's house. They probably weighed about 200 lbs each, but we had to get them out to make room for some new heavy furniture we bought. So I used Taskrabbit to post a notice that I needed someone with a truck to help me. Later that day, a fellow name Brett said he'd do it. I ok'd the offer on the spot.

Today Brett came over with a huge white cargo van. It was hard work but we got the job done and Brett was awesome. We had fun talking in between grunting and lifting. He's the bass player for Falling Still, and I've been listening to the band's excellent hard rocking tunes this afternoon. Check out Falling Still's "I am the Dr" below:

Thanks, Brett!