Thor's goat made out of scrap metal

Sculptor Jud Turner writes, "I thought you might enjoy this full-sized goat, 'Tanngrisnir', named after one of the two goats in Norse mythology that pulled Thor's chariot. He ate them for dinner every night, saved the bones, and by morning they had come back to life. Hopeful analogy for recycling, it's made from 100% recycled scrap crap. It's one of the new pieces for my upcoming solo show DoubleThink, which opens March 30th at the WAVE Gallery in Eugene, OR.""

Tanngrisnir (Thanks, Jud!)


  1. Those tools don’t look like scrap metal to me(they are now probably), complete wastage if you ask me. 

    Good sculpture though.

  2. A while back, there was a fairly major traveling art exhibit (Picasso, maybe?) that included a made-out-of-metal-scraps goat sculpture. It was roughly life-sized, but the back end featured a vulvar opening made out of the cut-off lid of a large metal can, folded almost in half.  This was completely out of proportion to the rest of the sculpture.  I took that as a ribald expression of I don’t give a damn, I’m having fun here on the part of the sculptor; it was hilarious to see it in the context of a pristine art museum. Essence of goat.

  3. That big pipe wrench on the rear hindquarter could hardly be considered “Scrap Crap”. Same with the pliers, screwdriver and wrenches used elsewhere in the piece. If this is the artists idea of recycling, they have it all wrong.

  4. No functional tools were injured in the making of this sculpture. The pipe wrench people are so concerned about has weld spatter in the threads and is unusable as a tool anymore. Screwdrivers had damage to heads, etc.

    1. Phew, thanks for filling us in. I hate to see tools go to waste, but if they are broken then they might as well become part of something beautiful!

  5. The real question is, if you were a goat made out of scrap metal, would you eat yourself? 

  6. We support local artists whenever we can, but I had to laugh when I saw Thor’s goat made out of scrap metal —

    We found this fantastic artisan who makes these incredible animal sculptures out of found metals. Tom runs the neighborhood repair shop in Glen Head and has a wonderful eye.

    We have this big whimsical Toucan of his — but what makes it such a great piece are the materials. The feathers are blades from old Cadillac engine fans, the eyes are recycled light house lenses, and the rest are assorted rebar and other scraps.

    He just did a 7 foot Rhino and its awesome ! I’ll ask him if I can post some photos — his work is great

  7. There’s one of these rusting outside the Climb Max store in Portland, OR.  Same Eugene artist, maybe?

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